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Thia Rose Adventures to Miami Beach

Let’s talk about vacation! Yayy vacation~~ But first I will say please forgive me for taking so long to post about this or anything…I have no excuses…I’ve been lazy with my whole summer break. But anyyyyywayyyyyy….. As I mentioned in my previous post I was headed off on an adventure to Miami for the Block… Continue reading Thia Rose Adventures to Miami Beach

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Taeyang @ Bimbo’s 365 [11.26.2013]

A night I’ll never forget! It has been over two months since the actual concert and I am still living in a state of My God!! WAS THAT REAL?!?! A very large part of me still doesn’t believe it ever actually happened…only the photos and the memories prove it did. Well, and I suppose you… Continue reading Taeyang @ Bimbo’s 365 [11.26.2013]