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Taeyang @ Bimbo’s 365 [11.26.2013]

A night I’ll never forget! It has been over two months since the actual concert and I am still living in a state of My God!! WAS THAT REAL?!?! A very large part of me still doesn’t believe it ever actually happened…only the photos and the memories prove it did. Well, and I suppose you… Continue reading Taeyang @ Bimbo’s 365 [11.26.2013]

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Thia Rose Adventures to San Francisco

Hmm…it’s about time eh? I’ve been home for quite some time and I haven’t written a thing about my trip. I have no clue where this writing rut came from but it’s time to climb my way out! I think a part of me was still trying to process everything from this trip and just… Continue reading Thia Rose Adventures to San Francisco

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Excessive KPop Marketing, Yet I Don’t Think I Mind

Being an international KPop fan sometimes means a shrinking pocket-book and quite a bit of lost sleep. Actually that’s just being a music fan in general. But it is something I subject myself to and deal with willingly. Why? Because I support my favorite artists and the industry. (Then again maybe I’m just crazy…who knows?… Continue reading Excessive KPop Marketing, Yet I Don’t Think I Mind

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Musings of a Mass Transit Commuter & Notes on Having Fun

Transferring to Augsburg College came with a lot of decisions. One of the biggest was how on Earth would I get to class everyday?! I decided to become a commuter as living on campus (or near campus) wasn’t an option for me. I also decided that I really did not want to spend all of… Continue reading Musings of a Mass Transit Commuter & Notes on Having Fun

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Thia Rose’s Weekend Round Up

It’s that time…a weekend round-up – a post of my weekend adventures. I’m thinking the best way to do this one will be to go day by from Friday-Sunday and break down my days. The format may change in the future but for now this will work. I’ll try to post them Mondays as that… Continue reading Thia Rose’s Weekend Round Up