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Musings of a Mass Transit Commuter & Notes on Having Fun

Transferring to Augsburg College came with a lot of decisions. One of the biggest was how on Earth would I get to class everyday?!
I decided to become a commuter as living on campus (or near campus) wasn’t an option for me. I also decided that I really did not want to spend all of my money on gas for my car. Therefore the decision to make daily use of mass transit came about.

The downside to mass transit, I spend a lot of time at train stations waiting for them to arrive. The upside of mass transit, I have ample time to listen to music uninterrupted.

The other day I was waiting at the Minneapolis station for the last train home to arrive and as per usual listening to my music. I am not a shy person and I get bored rather easily, thus when I have my headphones in I will dance a bit, or at least bop my head around and lip sync the words.

Well Seungri’s song “V.V.I.P.” came on and that song can make me dance …a lot. Just listen to this and tell me you don’t want to dance too!  The chorus is perfect. The whole song has such a good beat, it could make anyone dance. I don’t care what your preference in music is…it has a little flavor of everything.

I know some of the choreography from this video so I was doing some of the motions somewhat minimally while waiting for the train.  I will readily and honestly admit to that…

Now the reason I’m writing about it.
I’ve done this before…danced to various songs at the train station and people always stare at me as they walk by. Some people smile and chuckle a little, while others give me the weirdest or dirtiest looks in the world. I have yet to understand why people look at me funny for it.
I’m simply enjoying my life and having fun! Isn’t that what life is for?
I spend a lot of time on my commute daily, that I have to make the most of it right? So I make it fun. I get you think I’m weird, but is there something wrong with that?

It’s like that whole “Dance like no one’s watching; Sing like no one’s listening.” motto. I’m not a dancer by any means, but I do like to have fun and if that means dancing weirdly to my favorite songs at a public train station then so be it. It just so happens I will also follow the rules and listen to my music with headphones so no one else can hear it…maybe that’s where the looks are from? They don’t know what is I’m listening to and why I’m dancing.

I guess the whole thing reminded me of actor Jamie Campbell Bower’s tweet from earlier this month:"I like when people look at me funny. It mean's I'm doing something right." (click to enlarge & see original)Because I honestly think what he said is true. I really don’t mind if people look at me funny. I must be doing something right. I’m living my life how I deem correctly and I am having fun. What are you doing? Do you make the most out of the little things in life? I’ve always found that’s where true enjoyment is…sounds cheesy and silly but I honestly think it’s true. Simple little things really have the power to make me really happy.

I guess if I can give any advice or say anything today it would be in echo of Mr. Bower’s tweet. Don’t be afraid of the funny looks, go do something and take those looks as compliments! You’re having more fun than them!

So what are you doing now?
It’s Friday now. HOORAY!
Enjoy your weekend and go do stuff!
Thia Rose.


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