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Thia Rose’s Weekend Round (sort of~)

It’s been almost a week since I last posted and I feel awful about that! OOPS!

This weekend was rather uneventful as I spent the bulk of it either at work or studying.
It seems to be that is what a lot of my life is. I can’t complain though; hard work now to (potentially) get me where I need and want to be later in life. And yes I do mean to say “potentially” get me there. I do know the stats that having a degree doesn’t guarantee a job, and I do tend to believe them. I know that having a degree will help me though, what is ultimately going to help me is the drive I have in my chosen field; I want to work in the music industry and I won’t let anything tell me NO. I simply won’t listen to that.

But anyway, enough of that. Aside from working I did get some wonderful news this weekend that I can’t wait to share.
In my last post, my last Weekend Round Up, I wrote about how I won tickets to see my favorite Korean singer Taeyang in San Francisco. I AM STILL SUPER EXCITED just so you know.
But since then I have slightly been agonizing over how on Earth I am going to get San Fran for this show. I live in Minnesota after all and don’t have a ton of money.
Well last Friday morning proved yet again that I have wonderful parents!!!!

As I was getting ready to head out for the day I found an envelope in my room with my name on it.
Inside the envelope is this card~

(yes this is my Instagram shot of the card)
(yes this is my cheesy over edited Instagram shot of the card)

Time and time again, life proves to me that  I was blessed with truly wonderful parents!
My birthday is a little over a week away (and a month before the concert) and as my gift they are going to pay for my flight and hotel.
Words cannot express how grateful I am for this, that they are willing to do this for me. I don’t think I can say thank you enough.

I am simply beyond ecstatic that this trip can actually happen now! This mean late November, my friend Chelsea and I will be venturing to San Francisco for a few days of exploration and K-Pop fun. I don’t think either of us can wait!!!
If anyone has any tips on fun things to do in San Francisco please shoot them my way, neither of us have ever been there before!

I also must note I love that my mom wrote “so you can go visit Taeyang” in that card. VISIT HIM…like we’re old pals, hmm maybe one day. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

Well, that’s all for today’s post. I want to say a new week is beginning but really the week has already begun (no really it has…I already had an exam this morning in my Accounting course.)

Let’s make the next few days, the best few days.
Until next time…GO DO STUFF,
Thia Rose.

(edit:: Just a little tidbit in case you wondered – The card is addressed to Cyndi. That is the name I grew up. Both Cyndi & Thia are short for my legal name of Cynthia which I don’t tend to answer to.)


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