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Thia Rose’s Weekend Round Up

I truly don’t have all that much to say about this past weekend.
It was busy yet strangely calm.
I can hardly even recall what I did.

Truly I only remember a weekend of working, studying and watching my weekend shows.
I think that’s all I really did. Exciting, eh?
My weekend shows being Once Upon A Time & The Walking Dead. TWD then followed by The Talking Dead because who doesn’t love Chris Hardwick nerding out over stuff? I know I do!

This weekend promises to be far more exciting though. Tomorrow is my Golden Birthday. My 23rd Birthday! I don’t feel 23. What does 23 feel like even? Anyway, I’ll talk about that more tomorrow~  I have big plans for my birthday and for this coming weekend, I took Birthday Week off work! YAY! So there will good things to talk about.

For now, I have a few hours to kill on campus until my afternoon class so I’m going to attempt to be productive.
Wish me luck and forgive me for this stupid short post.
I promise I’ll be more entertaining in the future.

Here, have a webcam pic of my dog leaning on my arm  – He’s cute and entertaining right?

Webcam selca yo'
Webcam selca yo’

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