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23 Years of Life So Far.

Wow, I’m 23 years old. Have been for a week now and I’m finding it kind of hard to believe, potentially because my life isn’t all that terribly different from what it was a few weeks, or months ago. But when I think of where I was even just one year ago the difference in who I was and where I was is astounding!

I’m going to take this opportunity to reflect back a little bit and think about all of the crazy things that have happened to me over the past year. (I’ll be honest writing this post has been hard because thinking over the last year has been really weird for me.)
I don’t actually remember much of last October and my 22nd birthday what I do remember was the next major event of the year (and other things that followed) Let’s begin.

November 2nd 2012 – I flew to LAX and met up with my friend Riz at the airport where we then took a bus to Anaheim, CA for a few days of awesome. The “awesome” included two nights of Big Bang concerts and few impromptu hours at Disneyland.
I will never forget that either. We only intended to walk around Downtown Disney because we didn’t want to pay for tickets to the park (we had spent a pretty penny for the Big Bang concerts) but on our way to Downtown Disney a guy offered us tickets that were good for the rest of the day because he and his family were leaving. We took a shot and did one of those, well if they don’t work oh well shrugs and walked to the ticketing gate. Well long story short, we got in and spent about 5 hours between Disneyland & California Adventures. There were very few lines and we hardly had to wait for anything so it was a lot of fun! An awesome random free day at Disneyland, who would turn that down right?!

Oh hey Walt~ How's it going?
Oh hey Walt~ How’s it going?
Radiator Springs~ How cool does that look?

Later that night was the reason we had actually traveled to California though. Big Bang Alive Tour Anaheim – Night #1. The first night our seats were together so we got to enjoy the concert together and I’m so glad for that. I was introduced to KPop and Big Bang through Riz so I was really happy to be able to share it with one of my best friends!
I don’t even know if I have the words to actually express how amazing this concert was but wow! Those guys can put on a show! Let me just show you a few photos~

All 5 members of Big Bang (L to R): Taeyang, G Dragon, T.O.P, Seungri, Daesung
GD’s end pose for his solo stage
T.O.P on his throne of amps during the GD & TOP duet stage.
All 5 again (the wardrobe for this tour was on point! They looked so good!)
Taeyang solo stage. (I was far too excited during his stage to get a good photo…this is about as good as it gets sadly. If only I could project my memories for you all to see)

Getting to the concert was an ordeal…the bus we were going to take to the Honda Center never showed so we took a cab and rode that down. We ended up meeting a couple really nice girls (one of whom I am still in contact with via facebook) at the bus stop and we all shared the cab to the venue. After the concert we ran into them again and all went to IHOP where we essentially discussed the concert in full review. Who am I kidding? We fangirled like crazy.

November 3rd 2012 – Brought Big Bang Alive Tour in Anaheim Night #2. I would say the second night of the show was arguably better. They seemed much more on stage with the audience. They also kept the Encore going longer (the tour staff wasn’t too excited about that…I could see backstage from my seat.) Also I’m pretty sure that at one point Taeyang came over to my side of the stage and saw me. I had my Big Bang lightstick & a sign  that said “I ❤ YB” (the initials of his real name) and I was the only one on my side that was dancing and singing along, and he pointed up to the section and started to dance and jump in time with me. I can’t say if it was true or not, but I will always choose to believe it is.
The second night of the concert was so much fun, even though Riz and I had seats apart from each other that night. I was also on the other side of the stage that night so it was a little bit different perspective.

Blurry photo, but this is Seungri dancing during his solo stage
Daesung solo stage – “Wings”
Oh yeah, it was T.O.P’s birthday so they gave him 4 birthday cakes and we sang him Happy Birthday.

Overall I will never forget those two nights. I mean it’s been almost a year now, we are just shy of a year actually and I still remember it that vividly. It is all still burned into my brain and I wouldn’t it any other way.
For the remainder of that trip I flew back to Las Vegas with Riz (where she lives) and spent a few days there. She had to work during the days but at night we went to Korea Town and China Town and had real Korean food and I had Boba for the first time. All in all – that was an amazing trip!

My favorite photo of Riz & I – post Big Bang Night #1

Okay, that was a lot about Disneyland and Big Bang and I kind of apologize but it was a major highlight of last year for me, but let’s continue on with some more of my 22nd year of life!

December 2012 – I was enrolled in school for a semester at Anoka-Ramsey Community College at this time and come December I finished that and earned my Associate of Arts Degree. I know I have mentioned previously that I used to attend college in Wisconsin, well when I moved home I didn’t initially attend Augsburg College. I first did a semester at ARCC because I wanted to be sure I was following the right path. Thanks to my mass amount of transfer credits I was informed that if I did an excess course load of classes (21 credits!!!) I would be able to finish an Associate Degree in one semester. So I did, and in December 2012 I graduated ARCC with an Associate of Arts Degree, It was a lot of work but I did it! At that same time I was working at a Wal-Mart Super Center in Maple Grove as a cashier anywhere from 28-36 hours a week. I truly didn’t have much free time but I focused myself on school and work; I pushed through and I conquered that mountain!

January 2013 –  A new year and some big changes is how I would classify January of this year! In this month I did two major things that have gotten me to this exact spot right now! First, I applied and was accepted to Augsburg College as a Music Business major. Second, I quit my job at Wal-Mart. The decision to quit my job was based solely on the fact that with starting at a new college and as a commuter the scheduling just wouldn’t have worked for me. I was also lucky enough that my parent’s supported me and my decision to attend Augsburg and were financially able to let me take my first semester there without a job!
My first semester at Augsburg was like a dream.

Augsburg Auggies logo adopted in 2005
Augsburg Auggies logo adopted in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t have many friends (I still don’t actually…being a commuter is hard) but I truly love this campus and I loved my classes. Not to mention being in Minneapolis everyday, in a city, that is what I love. I love the atmosphere and the environment and the subjects I’m studying are right up my alley.
You know that saying “When you know, you know!” Well that couldn’t be truer in my case. I know Augsburg is right for me. Come summer I had proof Augsburg was the right fit for me as I received a notification that I had made the Dean’s List. An accomplishment I had never done before! I was more than proud of myself and have made it my goal for the rest of my time here too. Every semester I hope to make the Dean’s List again!

May 2013 – I’m choosing to call this the Lost Month. I truly do not remember what I did. I know I did not have a job and I had finished with finals on May 1st and it was officially summer break so I was going to relax. Well, relax I did.
I spent much of this month in a world of Korean Dramas and Korean Pop. There’s a shock? Thia~ You watched KDramas & listened to KPop? ME?! NEVER!
But I knew that couldn’t last forever.
My parents were amazing and let me have the semester job free from January to May but I knew that summer and on wouldn’t be the same. So I began to apply for jobs.

June 2013 – Bed Bath & Beyond. Yup, June 2012 I started my new job at Bed Bath & Beyond and am still there now. Seems like longer actually but I guess it’s only been going on 6 months. I love my job, and I seem to be good at it. I work on “softside” which means I work in bedding, window treatments, and bath. I have found that helping people redesign rooms and find things they are looking for when they come in and give me the vaguest details is oddly fun and ridiculously satisfying. While I know that this isn’t where I want to be for very far into my future it is a great place for me to work in the now. It’s a great part-time job for me to have while I’m in school. I do work a lot of hours, on average about 26 hours a week, and I don’t always have a time for “fun” things but I make time for other important things and I’m making the most out of where I am now. What more can I do really?

September 2013Getting closer to now. The new semester started at Augsburg and I am loving it even more than last semester! I’m into the courses that are specific to my major and it is absolutely fascinating to me! As well as a few other courses that are giving me a heck of a time; accounting for instance…I’m struggling but I am pushing through!

And now we are here October 2013. I know it’s almost over but it still counts. My birthday was last Wednesday (the 23rd) and I am now 23! Yep, it was my Golden Birthday this year. Last year was an amazing year for me, the points above are merely just the highlights, I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me!

Oh, 23rd Year of Life, what will you bring?!
I know you bring Taeyang in concert next month…I can’t wait for that! But I wonder what else…I guess only time will tell, and I can’t wait to share this adventure with whoever is reading.

Well, I’m off to work for the evening.
Tomorrow is Halloween so get out and enjoy it yeah?


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