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Thia Rose’s Weekend Round Up – Highlight Edition.

So, shall we talk about my failure?
My failure in that I am now roughly 4 weeks behind in a weekend round up post? Or any post for that matter?

My own personal failure at being too busy.
I have posts in my drafts that I started but just couldn’t finish so instead of those I’m going to get back into the swing of things with a new Weekend Round Up – Highlight Edition.
This time meaning, rather than breakdown every weekend over the last four weeks because that would just be pointless, I’m just going to talk about the highlights. There have been some good ones.
So let’s jump back to almost a month ago and hit my birthday weekend.

Wednesday, October 23rd
Yay! My birthday!
As of that Wednesday I am officially 23 years old. It was my Golden Birthday! Here’s my question, are Golden Birthday’s a strictly midwestern thing? My friend in Nevada had never heard of a Golden Birthday until I first mentioned, but it’s when you turn the same age as your date of birth. And a few other people I talked to form the coasts had never heard of them either…so I’m really curious. Are Golden Birthdays are strictly Midwest thing to celebrate?
Anyways, since my parent’s are helping me fund my trip to San Francisco next week I didn’t expect much for my birthday, so we simply went for a quick dinner at Olive Garden and they gave me twenty-three silly little presents wrapped in gold paper. What a silly fun night.

Thursday, October 24th
I didn’t have any class on Thursday or Friday this weekend so essentially I had a 4 day weekend. So what’s a better way to spend a day off than to get a quick haircut in the morning and then to head to River Falls, Wisconsin (where I used to attend college) and see a wonderful friend I hadn’t seen over a year. I met up with my friend Riley and we had lunch and 3 o’clock margaritas at the Mexican restaurant in town and all in all it was just a great time catching up with her. There are only a few people still left in RF that I really truly miss seeing every day and Riley is definitely one of them!

Riley & I post lunch (sporting the windblown look)
Riley & I post lunch (sporting the windblown look)

Friday, October 25th
I don’t even know where to begin with this Friday.
This day, my family and I had been waiting for for about 6 months!
Last Mother’s Day, my brother & I bought tickets for our family to go see Wicked at the Orpheum Theater when it came back to town and on the 25th of October the day had finally come!
All day long I waited for everyone to get home from work so it would be time to go and when the time finally came I was beyond excited! We headed down to Minneapolis, grabbed dinner at the pub next door and then it was show time!
For 10 years, I have purposefully avoided learning the plot of the musical in hopes that one day I would see it and now that I have I can honestly say how wonderful it is and how much I LOVE IT!

My brother & I at dinner before Wicked
My brother & I at dinner before Wicked
at wicked
What is a night at the theater without a family photo in front of the marquee?

Such an absolutely wonderful night!

Sunday, October 27th
(I feel like I should mention that because this was all Birthday weekend I had taken all of these days off work…especially because of the Wicked tickets too. But I was off work the 23rd-27th for Birthday fun!)
What another eventful day this Sunday was!
Mostly unplanned to…
My friend Megan and I decided to go to Afton Apple Orchard and Corn Maze in Hastings, MN for no reason other than it’s fall and we wanted to.
It started as a bit of an adventure because silly me locked my keys in the car and my dad came down to Afton to give me my spare. Took a little bit of waiting but once that ordeal was settled the other adventure began.
We decided that tackling all 3 versions of the corn maze was a better use of our money and that is what we did!
Maze 1 we finished in a hurry.

Megan super pumped about completed Phase 1~
Megan is super pumped about completing Phase I~

Maze 2 was a similar story

I am super excited to be in the midst of Phase II~
I am super excited to be in the midst of Phase II~

Maze 3 however…wow…! This course is over 6 miles and is designed to take the adventurer (what is someone in a corn maze called?) 45-60 minutes to complete. THEY WEREN’T LYING!

We took a selca break in the middle because we were exhausted~
We took a selca break in the middle because we were exhausted~

We got so lost in that maze! Each maze is designed with a set of checkpoints and questions to answers as you go through, I’m gonna guess partially to make sure you are on track. We weren’t. Somehow through the course of this maze we skipped over half of the checkpoint posts meaning we missed a huge piece of the maze but what can you do when you’re lost?!
We ended up making it out in 59 minutes despite getting lost and wearing terrible shoes. I can honestly say we made it and for that I am SO glad! I can now say that I have conquered about 15 acres of corn maze! Go me~!

Ya know what? You are welcome.
Ya know what? You are welcome.

Sunday, November 3rd
This whole weekend brought a lot of nostalgia as it was the 1 year anniversary of the Big Bang Alive Tour that I mentioned in my last post so I did spend a bit of time thinking about that.
But mostly this weekend was spent on homework, and catching up on general life things (except apparently TRDS as I’m making a post to encompass four weeks right now…oops).
Sunday Night however was the Friends & Family Shop Night at my work where we get to invite all of our friends and family and we have a potluck and basically get to shop at an extra discount. The discount applies to our guests so that is what is super nice about it! As I live at my parent’s house I don’t need a lot of home things…but I did end up getting wonderful pillows. I’m a nut I know, but one reason I’m pretty good at my job is that I love bedding so getting new good pillows was the best thing ever! My parents got a few things and then my brother spent a good chunk as well!

Sunday, November 10th
A couple of weeks ago I was informed by one of my managers that they would like me to be a Bridal Consultant at work. In my company that’s a pretty big deal as our wedding registries are one of the biggest components of Bed Bath & Beyond; I was honored and happily agreed. So on this lovely chilly Sunday morning I had to get my tush out of bed bright and early and head out to the Bloomington store for Bridal Consultant training! Spent three hours there and all was well!
The more exciting bit is to come!

The past Friday (Nov. 8th), my brother finally closed on his house; a process that has taken a long several months since we first looked at this one! So after I returned from training we went to the local U-Haul Storage Center, cancelled my unit that I had been renting since I first moved back to MN and brought all my stuff to his new house! I have no use for my stuff right now and now I have money in my pocket again! He gets furniture & dishes, I get cash! I like it. I spent a few hours over there helping clean up a bit before deciding I should head home and get some homework done, like a good little college student!

Sunday, November 17th
(In case you didn’t, the highlights are Sundays because typically I don’t work Sundays. I do work Friday & Saturday nights though!)
Sunday morning bright an early again, I hauled my tush out to Bloomington again and had my second & last day of Bridal Consultant training. (Good thing too as the next night at work I had my very first registry couple..EEEPP!)
Once that was done, my good friend Megan came down to Bloomington to meet me for breakfast and then a trip to Mall of America.
We grabbed some food at a Bruegger’s Bagel, then headed to the Mall.
I went to the Mall that day with a purpose. I need a good outfit to wear to Taeyang’s concert next week in San Francisco! The theme was announced as being “All White” so I need white clothes, something I don’t wear a lot of. But other than that a trip to the mall is always just good fun!
Once we were there we saw that MAC had a make up extravaganza going on in the Rotunda and had professional make up artists doing make up for free to celebrate the release of their Divine Night Holiday Colour line. Being the silly girls we are…Megan & I had to take part.
Unfortunately I don’t have any good photos of how my make up turned out but it was gorgeous! It was focused to my eyes with a bit of a smokey look completed with a plum wing then some good lashes and a peach lip. Megan’s was more dramatic with dark smokey eyes and pink glitter lips…honestly something I would wear on a night out. The girl who did our make up was adorable and it was just all in all good fun.

A little bit later as we were walking around and shopping and at one point as we were leaving the Disney Store none other than Christopher Straub walked in with his husband Ronnie. You may know Mr. Straub from Project Runway season 6…he is one of my 2 favorite designers to ever compete on that show and I still follow his work today. It’s not super surprising he was there, he is Minnesotan too after all and I believe he’s doing some work with the Papyrus stores!
ugly meeeNow I’m going to say right now that I did not mean to stop him as I don’t like to stop people in these types of situation, I know they are just going about their business and want to enjoy their day. I was trying to say to Megan, “Wow. Oh my Gosh! That’s Christopher Straub!” But then he heard me and he turned and goes, “Yes it is,” so he stopped and chatted for a couple quick seconds. He asked my name and were we were from, you know basic Minnesotan chit-chat. Then he offered to take a picture with me, this made me laugh. I honestly wasn’t going to ask! But he offered so I said yes. And thus I now have a photo with Christopher Straub.

And in case you are wondering…I did find a potential outfit for Taeyang’s show at Forever 21…I think I need to add in more white though. We shall see.

That about brings us up to today though. I think I’m back on track with this and now you know what I’ve done for the last four weeks…they have been pretty eventful and I’m rather excited about it. I’m even more excited for what next week has to bring me as I head out to San Francisco with my friend Chelsea for a few days!

What about you? What have you done that’s super exciting?
Hopefully something good.
I don’t bite, so tell me the things maybe?!


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