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Some Things I Forgot To Mention.

So in my about me post yesterday or more aptly the post entitled “New Blogger in Town” there were a few things I forgot to mention that are undoubtedly really big parts of who I am.

One thing being along with my love of KPop that I did mention, I also love KDramas. Yes I watch a lot of them! I’m honestly not even sure how many I have seen over the last two/three years I’ve been watching, but it’s okay I will keep on watching until I have seen all of the ones I care to see (and then some.) I have seen some really bad dramas, and some really great dramas; same thing for American tv – some is bad and some good, doesn’t mean I don’t like to watch.
I want to learn to speak Korean, and I am slowly learning. The mass amounts of dramas I watch is helping build my Korean vocabulary.
Maybe I should brush up on my French too. Trilingual here I come!

Me circa 2011 with a giant wood Sigma (& as a brunette)

The other major thing I forgot to mention is that I am a sorority girl! As to how that slipped my mind I will never understand! But I am an alumnae member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority and I LOVE it.
I may not be super active into Alumnae Life, though I do want to be, I still remember life as an active member and it was beyond what I could ever imagine!

My time as an active member was at UWRF and it was wonderful, I wouldn’t trade that time or my sisters for the world.
Looking back I am amazed at the amount of personal growth I see in myself all from that and the amount of love and support I received (and still receive from my sisters…I’m unable to describe it.
As a first year member I joined the executive board as the secretary and then moved up to Vice President and Membership Recruitment Director; both of where were positions I held for two years before I decided to transfer. Sadly now our chapter has closed due to low numbers, but the Gamma Phi Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma will always be a huge part of my heart!

So those are a couple of things about me that I failed to mention in my intro post yesterday but hey, I made up for it now! Though I’m sure there are plenty more things I’m forgetting.
For now however I’m going to people watch on campus, wait for my music business class and mayyyybe~ get some studying done.

Until next time…
Go do stuff,
Thia Rose.


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