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It’s Time For a New Adventure!

That’s right, a new adventure for another K-Pop concert is calling me!
I’m leaving my house right about the time this gets posted and driving to Merrillville, Indiana for the B.A.P concert at the Star Plaza Theatre as a part of the Live on Earth 2014 Continent Tour!

Words cannot even explain how excited I am to see these 6 boys for the first time! They are one of my top four favorite K-Pop groups and I’m so glad I have this opportunity to see them.
I also cant wait to meet up with one of my best friends again! You may remember Chelsea from my posts about San Francisco and Taeyang‘s concert…well we are going to this show together! We are meeting up at the hotel there as we are each driving from our respective states!

I am so excited! I just had to say it!

See you soon B.A.P and fellow BABYz! This is going to be a blast!

Now to embark on the (just over) 7 hour drive~













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