Thia Learns Things

Thia Learns Things: Curiosity!

And now begins the influx of academic blog posts because oops~

Curiosity drives my world.
In fact I think curiosity drives the world in general. As it probably should…
Without curiosity we don’t learn, we don’t advance simply because if people weren’t curious we wouldn’t have figured a lot of things out. If I jump from this tall ledge will it hurt…hmm I wonder.  Things like that give us answers to the world and the answers satisfy our curiosity.

But what about me?
What am I curious about?

The answer : So much!

Curiosity has led me to all my greatest joys in life.
It is why I clicked on that first K-Pop music video, and that first JRock music video, it’s why I’ve seen some of my favorite movies and been to my favorite cities. I have this world inside me that is constantly wondering what else there is.
Sometimes however it’s a bit of a curse. I get to into one thing and forget to do others.
So I guess that’s what I’m curious about now.

Why do I procrastinate?
Why do I allow myself to get so distracted? I make lists of things to do in a day and am lucky if I can accomplish half. Is that my own fault?

But then I’m curious about grander scope things as well.
What drives people?
What leads them to do and like the things they do? I know people have asked that about me? What’s that silly white girl in Minnesota like those Korean boy bands for? Why’s that silly white girl flying to Los Angeles to see a Japanese rock band this weekend? I guess I’m curious about why it matters to people so much? Why does what I like and want to do interest and upset people?

Finally, I’m curious about the grander scope of me.
What’s my next step? Do I have to plan my next step?
I know what my classes are in the fall and I’m applying for internships like crazy. But after December I don’t have a plan, not a concrete one anyway, and that’s scary. But it is it worth to be scared over it? That’s the other thing.

What’s worth being curious over and what’s trivial?
But who is there to say besides me?

I think that will be the key for me. I may not need a concrete plan like I think I do, in actuality I need focus and dedication. Well the dedication I have the focus I have…it just needs to be concentrated. I let myself get distracted by unnecessary things that do not benefit me in the long run when I could be spending that time learning Korean and putting myself another step closer to my dreams.

Perhaps that’s it. I just need to focus myself, I know what my dreams around…that isn’t a curiosity anymore (at least not to me!) So there we have it…curiosity focused equals my future.
Ooh, that sounds deep!



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