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Thia Learns Things: Learning

How will I learn?

Well we discovered in the last post that curiosity is not a problem for me. Truth me told I am always curious and I love to learn! The problem sometimes is how?
I don’t always learn the best in a classroom setting. Sometimes I do, it truly depends on the topic. This semester for instance I had one class where no matter how hard I tired I couldn’t focus and I think it had to do with the topic.

I truly do love learning. Why else do I spend time learning other languages (granted I haven’t done as much lately as I should be) but still I do. Or even just actually bothering to read the news…I like to be informed.

In terms of my world and what I want to do for me to learn it’s complicated yet also not.
For me to learn it’s a continuous ongoing thing and it’s all online.
On my own time I need to be studying Korean and now that Summer break is coming up I know I’m definitely going to get back to that. My proficiency needs to be much higher by the end of the Summer.
But I also need to pay attention to the world.
I follow all the major Korean news outlets, both pop culture and general news sources on Twitter so that I can keep up with what is going on.
For instance the website Soompi has a twitter, instagram, facebook, and line feed and I follow all of them so I can stay in contact with all things related to K-Pop. If I want to work in this world I have to know this world.
I also however follow the actual talent agencies and their CEOs for instance YG Entertainment and the founder & CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

In terms of relevant events there isn’t many in the US although over the last couple years KCON has begun, which is a convention celebrating the Hallyu wave. It draws some of the top performers, last year G-Dragon performed & had Missy Elliot as a guest, as well as has panels and events with people that are either fans or in the industry. The problem for me is that it takes place in Los Angeles and I have not yet been able to get to it. Otherwise K-Pop concerts are an event unto themselves because there is no family that I have experienced like a K-Pop fandom. I have been to 5 K-Pop concerts (& 1 J-Rock concert) around the country now and I cherish each of them because each one has given me an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things about the industry!

For me I think the most important thing is about being connected at all times.
As well as continue on with making a voice for myself with this blog! I try to do reviews of new artists and releases and stay on top of the industry at all times.
Mostly learning for me is a solo thing…I do it how I can, whenever I can!


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