Thia Learns Things

Thia Learns Things: Community

My community as of now is filled with fans.
And I think that is actually the best thing for me.

Aside from having a twitter full of industry heads and experts.
I surround myself with fans and people who are as passionate about the industry as I am!

I spend a lot of my time as a fan studying want the international fans want because as I hope to work in the industry I want to be able to understand how to market what I work for.

Currently I think what is lacking in the K-Pop industry, while they are getting better, is a solid understanding of the International fanbase. A “World Tour” to some Korean artists never leaves the Asian continent as was the case with G-Dragon’s solo tour last year.

I want to be able to understand the fanbases around the world because I am a fan from around the world.
I think that’s my biggest strength too. I surround myself with fans because I am a fan!
Short, sweet & to the point! 



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