Thia Learns Things

Thia Learns Things: Reach

How do I reach the people in my industry?

The answer is simple and I can give a list.

To reach anyone in the K-Pop industry without actually being a city that has a direct Korean influence (i.e. where I live)
You have to be active on –

  • tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • instagram
  • naver LINE
  • & having a blog doesn’t hurt either.

If you make a presence for yourself in this spaces then people will know you and connect with you.

That truly is the easiest way to connect and reach people!
The other key is to be regular and consistent.

If you want to connect with fans, then be on tumblr and be consistent in what you post. That is one sure fire way to get noticed by the major fandoms. And trust me a solid kpop fandom can make or break a website!
If you want to connect with industry people, be on twitter! The K-Pop industry is all over twitter.
If you want to connect with the performers themselves, while more difficult it can still be done, you NEED to be on instagram!

Simple as that!



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