Thia Learns Things

Thia Learns Things: Service

In terms of service the community I intend to do that in two ways.

Both of which I actually already do it’s just a matter of getting better at it.

The first of is that I’m an active tumblr user, while tumblr has many negative connotations to some, it also has a huge database of daily users. Out of a deal with a friend one day I created a tumblr dedicated to one member of a k-pop group, instantly it garnered followers. I found that there are people like me all over the world who want an outlet for what they enjoy. The sideblog I made was that for some. Over the last few months it has fallen by the wayside but it still gains followers even if I don’t post, so if I pick that back up again then I can continue to be an outlet for people. As a tumblr user in general I can remain active and smart about what I post. People will follow and people will enjoy!

The other intention I have is that…I have this blog “Thia Rose Does Stuff~” and it’s all about me. I enjoy K-Pop and I enjoy writing about K-Pop so I should be posting regularly and writing reviews and my thoughts. I’ve noticed an increase in views when I make those kinds of posts, for instance when I posted about JJCC my views quadrupled from the previous couple of days. If I were to make this a regular thing I wonder what could happen!
The other part I need to keep in mind however is that I need to be timely about it! I let my posts fall to the wayside sometimes when I should be doing them right away. For instance I went to B.A.P ‘s concert on April 19th and I started writing my review shortly after but I have yet to finish it!

For me to service the community I am going to be myself, continue what I’m doing but timely and relevant with it!



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