All About Me~

I guess I’m back.

So let’s talk about the last year, because yes….I’ve been away from this for about a year.

Truth be told, I have no good reason. Frankly, I lost my drive and for some time I was feeling like I had lost myself.
Past graduation I sincerely had no idea what direction I was going in.  Not to sound negative by any means, but to a certain extent – perhaps my mental state has not been where I wish it was. I’m working hard on bringing that back around.

So with that, I’m back!
Over the last year, my life has changed a bit. By no means though how much I expected it to. I still work at Bed Bath & Beyond (going on my 3rd year anniversary with this company) however since last writing about my work life I have been promoted twice. Currently I’m the Customer Service Trainer in which I train all new associates in every part of the store and manage and run the entire Gift Registry department. I’m good at my job, but truth be told I’m ready to move on. I know retail is not the life plan for me, but it surely works for now. I know I am lucky enough to have a job, but I’m ready for new challenges and new adventures. I want to be tested on a day to day basis, not just going through the motions of something I know I’m good at; I wonder everyday what, when and where that will be.

In my personal life, well John & I are surely still together, recently celebrating our 2 year anniversary! And my family still runs stronger than I can imagine.

Last October, I was fortunate to go on a new adventure that I never posted about, but I’ll give a quick snippet now. Hey, I saw Big Bang again. With some friends I was able to head out to Las Vegas and enjoy Big Bang’s MADE tour from the phenomenal vantage point of about 10 feet away from those lovely superstars. Yep, we purchased the Bae Bae VIP Packages and had floor access. It was amazing, and I may have picked up a new tattoo while I was there. Look out for that in a future post. I do still intend to write about that adventure.

As for now, my next few adventures are in the works and will write about them as they approach and happen. Man, I’m happy to blogging again!

As you can see my life hasn’t changed all that drastically, but I sure am ready for it.
So now it’s time to make that happen. I will be back on this blog regularly and definitely putting it through some major changes all the while trying to navigate the world and find the new path for me!

Today though, I’m going to do stuff!



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