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Yellowcard, Finch, & ONE OK ROCK @ Wooly’s [04.10.15]

Well another awesome night has come and gone!
I finally, Finally, FINALLY got see one of my absolute favorite bands in concert again! As well as had the chance to see two other bands that I loved when I was younger and just never got to see live. What a night?! (even if I am writing this 2 months late…oops, though there are reasons for it.)

So to start the day my brother and I left my house around 10:30 in the morning for a somewhat long drive down to Des Moines, Iowa. After a few stops in took about 5 hours for us to get there and when we did what a surprise; you see, we left a small snow fall in Minnesota to travel a bit South and hit sunshine and warmth. So warm in fact I barely had to wear my jacket!

Doors to the show opened at 6:30 pm, so of course I insisted we get in line a bit before that. I wanted to be close to the front, and I would say we definitely got close enough. I may not have been in the first row on the barrier, but I was pretty close with only two people in front of me.

As I was there essentially to see One Ok Rock, I’m going to write this review in reverse order from the performance. Also right before OOR came on stage, my camera decided it didn’t need to work and all I had then to take photos was my phone, which died after there set – thus the only photos I took were of One Ok Rock.


So we’re going to start here with the headline act. Yellowcard. I used to listen to Yellowcard when I was in middle school and throughout the early years of high school. I had always wanted to see them, but never had the chance. The closest I ever got to them was Ryan Key wishing me a happy birthday over the phone when I was 16, and the only way that happened was a great friend tracking him down at their show in her city and basically forcing her phone into his hand to talk to me.
Now, this may sound harsh but I easily could have done without seeing them live. They were musically as good as I expected them to be, but Ryan Key thoroughly disappointed and upset me. Frankly the reason I am posting this over two months past the concert is simply because I didn’t know how to write this bit. You see, pretty early into Yellowcard’s set Ryan went on a rant about people on their cell phones, he essentially was yelling at people to put their phones away because there was no way that what they were doing was as important as what was happening on stage. I felt personally persecuted, even though my phone was dead and I didn’t have it out. He then went on & on & on about how he wanted this night to be “the best F***IN NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE” and I’m sorry but if you scream at me it will assuredly not be the best night of my life.
Later on in their set he went off again about people only coming and knowing their old stuff. I believe he actually said at one point, “Well too bad, we are playing new music.” His whole demeanor came off as preachy, and self-centered. I don’t like people preaching at me, except my Pastor and my Pastor, Ryan Key is not!

Musically, I am not at all disappointed in Yellowcard, but realistically I was upset and frustrated by them.


Okay, now I’m going to be honest here, I really can’t say much about Finch. I’ve only ever been a sometimes fan of them and only know a couple of songs. However they definitely put on a great set. My brother and I were standing near a girl whose all time favorite band was Finch but she had never seen them live – after their set I was worried she would need resuscitation.

I may not have much to say about them, but what’s important is that I thoroughly enjoyed them, they put on a great set!


Now here is where I have much more to say. The band I was there to see.

As an opening act, One Ok Rock was of course up first and the second they took the stage I was beyond the point of IMG_3745excitement, I couldn’t fathom that I was seeing them again and this close to where I live! It was only a five(ish) hour drive to get to them and there was only 2 people in front of me to the gate. The last time I was able to see this amazing band was February of 2014 and I was definitely not this close to the front or to venue, I went to Los Angeles for that show.
One Ok Rock sells out huge venues in Japan, so having the chance to be this close to them in such a small venue was phenomenal.
I wish I could say I remember their setlist but truth be told I was far too excited to write it down. I was singing and dancing to every song and having the time of my life! I do recall they played roughly 5 songs, most of which came from the new album “35XXXV” (which if you haven’t heard yet, I definitely suggest you check out)!
It has been two month since this show and I still remember the chills I get listening to Taka’s voice. I also distinctly remember that in the middle of a song break I waved to the bassist Ryota (we were on his side of the stage, he also happens to be my favorite member) and he gave me the smuggest smile I have ever seen; it was part shy, part pleased, and all together adorable.

Truthfully, I don’t have a whole lot else to say about this show, except to say it was downright amazing (for the most part. I will also happily add, if you get the chance to see One Ok Rock live…take it! They put on a phenomenal show, and it just so happens their “35XXXV” tour is heading to North America this fall. I will unfortunately not be able to attend, but I urge those who can to go! You won’t regret it.

That all for now.
I cant wait for the day I get to see One Ok Rock again. Even Finch, I would definitely see them again too!



2 thoughts on “Yellowcard, Finch, & ONE OK ROCK @ Wooly’s [04.10.15]

  1. Wow you were reaLLy cLose to the stage! I wish I couLd experience OOR Live in a smaLLer setting Like that.. And the Last photo is awesome, btw d^^b

    1. We really were that close. It was amazing, I would love for every OOR fan to have an experience like this!! Thank you – that last photo is unzoomed and over a couple heads, so hopefully it shows just how close we were! See more on my instagram – @thia_rose

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