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Could it be? Another Adventure?

Yes, yes it could be!

This coming Friday I get to see the one and only One Ok Rock again!
It’s been over a year since I have seen them and I cannot wait.


One Ok Rock is currently on tour with Yellowcard and Finch, they are slated as the opening act but that doesn’t matter in the least bit to me. I am going to be road tripping with my brother to Des Moines, Iowa to see them. While One Ok Rock may be the main reason I am going, I don’t object to seeing either of the other bands. I was a pretty big fan of Yellowcard in my early high school days but never had the chance to see them. I guess I will now.

But truly, I am most excited to see (as you could probably guess) One Ok Rock!! It has been over a year since I saw them at their first ever US show. Read about that here. I am just over the moon that I have an opportunity to see them again. I am truly hoping that we get there a little bit early so I can get close to the stage, I wasn’t far from the stage last time, but I definitely want to get closer and be able to take some photos. Have I said I’m excited enough yet?
I’ll let you know of course how the show goes after! I love writing my fangirl concert reviews and I think this will be a good one.

But until that time, enjoy this video for “Cry Out” off their latest album, 35XXXV.



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