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Hello Strangers!

Well hello strangers!
It’s been quite a while and for that I severely apologize. I blame no one but myself.
I haven’t even been all that busy so truthfully I really don’t have any excuses. The truth of the matter is that I suppose I just haven’t had all that much to catch up on. Life has been life, and a slightly boring one at that…but let’s see.

To start I suppose I could say – I guess it’s time I could change my header. I’m no longer studying the music industry. I’m a college graduate now! It’s kind of interesting to think that I am now done with my undergrad career and my internship and everything. It felt so strange to not return to classes at Augsburg for Spring semester. I kind of miss it and everything. But hey, I have a pretty degree and everything now.

Now the MAJOR question is what to do with it? I’m on the hunt for a full-time job but so far I haven’t found anything really. However I have faith that I will very soon. Only time will tell.

In other life news…I’m just living my life. Until I find a relevant full-time job I have been working a lot of hours at Bed Bath & Beyond. I do like my job there, but I think I am ready to move and make my way in the world! Big girl life here I come~ You ready for me world?

Aside from my job life…my family life is grand, everyone is doing fantastically. It seems I have spent a lot of time with Gibson and my books this winter!

Also as of Valentine’s Day – John & I have been together for 11 months.

Silly me, but I like this picture better than the one of us from Valentine’s Day – this was from a family friend’s wedding reception about a week before. In all honesty though, I really couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend. I’m not typically a cheesy person, but suffice it to say he makes me happy in the best and silliest ways! I’m also really excited that I have finally gotten him to start watching The Walking Dead with me and I’m super excited about that. We watch it on weekends and already almost to season 3. I love watching his reactions to all things I remember from the earlier seasons, it’s so much fun!

Now I don’t know what else to update on because like I said earlier…life hasn’t been all that exciting. I’ve spent much of it indoors. Thank winter for that one, while we haven’t had a lot of snow – it’s just been bitterly cold! So really…it’s been kind of a mundane sort of life for me.

That will surely change soon though.
How about you?


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