Thia the Intern

Thia the Intern – Week 10

Week 10!
*insert shocked face here*
This semester is flying by! It is both a wonderful feeling but also an absolutely terrifying feeling! Less than a month now until this internship is over and not much longer until I am graduated.
I have been in school then in college for so long that I can’t even fathom how next January I won’t be returning to Augsburg College!

But I still have plenty to do in the meantime!

This week with internship work has been pretty uneventful. I have been working on the same projects. A couple of the artists that were assigned to me, I featured in my most recent Sound Up Sunday post, which was actually a Sound Up Wednesday. I’ll give you a hint – it was the video that wasn’t a Korean group. I’m working on four projects right now, the reports for which are due on this coming Monday and then I’ll be assigned my last projects.

Next Tuesday I’m attending Communion’s club night at the Turf Club and I’m super excited for that.

In reality though, that is about where I am at for this week and that pretty much wraps up this review for the week on an internship level.
See ya later.


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