Sound Up Sunday

Sound Up …Wednesday(?)

Last week I failed to post a Sound Up Sunday and this weekend I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to write one on Sunday nor queue up a post in advance so today we have Sound Up Wednesday.
I apologize for the weird posting…I’m trying to get back up on track but well between Academics, Internship, Work, & Life – I’m a busy busy bee. However I am trying my hardest to get back into a good flow. I don’t know if it’s working since my last SUS post was on Tuesday, but hey I’m trying!

But without further ado – I’ve got three great tracks for you this week, so let’s go!

The Lone Bellow – Then Came the Morning (Live)

Alright so The Lone Bellow is an artist I’ve been promoting for my internship for the past couple of weeks and this song honestly just hit me so hard. The first time I listened to it, I then listened to about four more times. I don’t fully know what it is I love about it, I just honestly do. The way the singer’s voices blend together – their harmonies are breathtaking. The acoustics of wherever they filmed this is in – phenomenal! The lead male’s voice especially had me sitting in the library on my campus open jawed thinking Why have I never heard of this group before? They remind me a tad of the Civil Wars only a bit more classic if that makes sense. Where The Civil Wars are pure folk, The Lone Bellow has a classic country and rock influence. Honestly I’m just gonna end this with I love the way this whole track sounds and truly think all my readers should give this a listen!

Epik High – Born Hater

I honestly don’t know what to say about this video. It’s awesome and that’s about all I can say!!
In case you don’t know Epik High, this video could be a confusing introduction – I also debated using a different MV from their new album, but I’ll get to that. Anyway, Epik High is actually made up of three men; Tablo, Mithra Jin, & DJ Tukutz. The reason this video could be confusing … there are clearly more than three men in it. For this track Epik High brought in some heavy hitting names in the Korean rap world for this one; Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Bobby, Mino, & B.I are all features with their own segment of the song in which they call out their haters and things they hate. (Pretty fitting for a song called Born Hater, right?)
But perhaps what I find more interesting about this music video is the imagery throughout it. Each member of Epik High and all the featured artists represents one of the seven deadly sins.
Tablo = Pride. He spends his portion of the song calling out other artists and his haters and putting himself above them. Also have to say, I love that he calls out Tajinyo – a group of people who caused him a bit of controversy. Essentially they are anti-fans and are obsessed with ruining his career. I linked the portion of his wiki page under their name – so you can read about that. In my view, the cockroaches surrounding Tablo represent Tajinyo and he is trying his hardest to crush them.
DJ Tukutz = SlothTukutz’s sin is only identified by the fact that he has no lines and spends the entire MV sitting around the other people playing out the beat.
Beenzino = Envy. Haters of Beenzino claim that the only reason he is famous is because he is good-looking and the netizens have put him where he is. He takes this opportunity to fight that, he does not dispute he has female fans because why would he but he has talent and he’s going to make sure you know it now.
Verbal Jint = LustThis one was pretty obvious. He is quite clearly sitting there perusing blurred out pornographic magazines while he raps about his haters being like mosquitoes.
Mithra Jin = GluttonyAgain, another obvious one. He is sitting with pizza and food all around him. Whether this was meant to be in reference to the fact he was made fun of for being the overweight member before his military service – I don’t know, but I think it is.
Mino – Wrath. This boy is young, talented and angry in this spot. He swings a bat around as he fights again everyone who says that he is only getting famous because he’s a part of YG entertainment, but people forget that he was in the original line up for Block B. He wants people to know he may be in a big company but he’s where is he because of his own talent.
Bobby – GreedBobby is surround by money and a fancy things and a championship belt – probably in reference to the fact he just won Show Me The Money 3. The basics of his rap is really, the haters can keep on hating because they are going to no matter what.
Finally we have B.I – the Pure one. He is the one person who is not seen in their own bathroom stall the whole time. He instead is trying to clean up after all the others and all the hate. He ends the song with the perfect summation “That’s No No” something all haters should probably think about.
Clearly, I think the imagery in this music video is awesome, but the song quality is solid too! Give it a listen, I doubt you will be disappointed. There is quite a bit of swearing in this though – so if you can’t handle a lot of F-bombs, please don’t listen! Instead listen to this other track from the new Epik High album Shoebox. This whole album is phenomenal! The other track here is Spoiler.

Dark Waves – The Heartbeat The Soul

Alright another amazing artist I heard through my internship. I actually don’t know a ton about this artist but this music video is just too amazing for words. Between the slightly chilling music and the French dialogue it had me wanting more! I love the black and white city scenes following as he walks around. Truthfully I just adore the simplicity of the whole thing. All of it is just awesome and in a weird way, inspiring to me. Perhaps that’s just because I found this so beautiful and I find beauty inspiring – but that could be a long conversation into the inner workings of my psyche and I’m not sure we need to go there! I’m just gonna end this with another…I don’t know just watch it! Because really, that’s all I can say. Pure talent and beauty oozes from this video and I LOVE it!

Well that about wraps up this week’s edition of Sound Up Sunday Wednesday!
Until next time!



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