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Life as of now!

Well if you follow me on any of my social media platforms you will likely have noticed that my 24th birthday has come and gone!
Last year, in prep of my 23rd birthday I wrote a post all about my life in that last year and while I wont do that again (it would be a bit redundant) I am frankly just a bit amazed at where my life is right now!

I have officially been 24 for a week now and while I don’t feel any different I am looking at my life and what’s ahead and I know that everything soon is about to change … but before I get into that let’s actually talk about my birthday.

My lovely Applewood candle!

The day itself was actually kind of upsetting, I was rear-ended driving to campus that morning and while there was very little damage to my car it was just not the best way to start my birthday. Then when I actually got to campus I had a ridiculously hard Finance exam, and I mean RIDICULOUSLY HARD!
Of course though, I pulled out of those mishaps and went home to relax before a wonderful dinner. Later that night I went to dinner at the new Benihana at Mall of America with my family and my boyfriend! I had never been to Benihana before so I thought this would be a great opportunity. I have always heard about how much fun Benihana was and all of those stories were true! Not to mention the food was absolutely delicious! I also got a few wonderful gifts from my family, including a new Woodwick candle in my favorite fragrance – Applewood, and the bedding I have been wanting for months! It’s safe to say I was more than happy! My brother also promised to take me on a bit of a shopping spree like we used to do – so I’m super excited for that!
Honestly, this dinner made the rough day I had ten thousand times better! I love spending with my family and my boyfriend!

Like I said earlier though, I have been 24 years old for a week now and I see a big life ahead of me and it’s such an interesting feeling.
To start I am graduating college this coming December and I am kind of taking that as – life as I know it is about to change thing! Add on to that I’ve been looking into job opportunities and where life will take me and all I see are opportunities. I have so many options that I just find it amazing that my life is ending up right where I hoped it would when I made the decision to change major and schools a few years ago. I honestly couldn’t be happier!

For right now though I’ll keep looking into opportunities and see where life takes me!


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