Sound Up Sunday

Sound Up …Tuesday(?)

Yeah okay, I’m a little posting this week so this week we have Sound Up Tuesday instead of Sound Up Sunday. So let’s begin…

Bear’s Den – Elysium

I don’t actually have a lot to say about this, perhaps because it is simply very emotional…but it is definitely amazing. The song is breathtaking and the music video followed a group of friends in Seattle earlier this June. They are all students at Seattle Pacific University and if you recall the news may remember the shooting that occurred there this June. The videographer filmed them and their reactions over a few days before and after the news of the shooting. It’s amazing and beautiful and heartbreaking to see these people and their true reactions to what is going on. I won’t lie, the first time I watched it…I was in tears! The combination of the pure emotion from the kids and the calming yet somewhat haunting Bear’s Den music is in one word – breathtaking. I definitely say… Give it a watch!

The Company Men – I’m Taking You Home

So this is a group I first heard of about a week ago thanks to my wonderful internship! The Company Men started as a mashup group and have now begun releasing their own music. I’m Taking You Home is one of their original songs and oh my goodness it is catchy! So stinkin’ catchy. Within one listen of it I had the chorus stuck in my head! The song itself reminded me a bit of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” only perhaps this sounds more consensual and FAR LESS misogynistic than Thicke’s song – which in my book is always a good thing. Everything I have heard from The Company Men is honestly just fun. Their album is called #ThrowbackPOP and really their style is Throwback Pop, its boybands made current and I’m liking it! I actually was on a conference call with them yesterday and when asked how to best promote them in relation to artists today one of the members said, “We are like Bruno Mars or Robin Thicke if they had four frontmen.” From what I have heard…that description is very accurate! Let me know what you think.

Super Junior – Evanesce 

Yes, I am taking about Super Junior again even though I just did a couple of weeks ago with their new song Mamacita. However I feel I have to! Super Junior is at it again and this time IT’S GOOD!! Evanesce was released this week, the song is beautiful and the video is breathtaking! Late last week they released a video for the song This is Love and the videos actually go hand in hand using the same sets. I haven’t had time yet to find a good translation of the lyrics for the two songs to see how those fit together though. I actually was not crazy about This is Love when it was released, I liked the song but the video was just not good enough to me; however this release of Evanesce has had me completely rethink it! I do think Evanesce is the better of the two though. One last quick note though…as happy I am Leeteuk has returned from his military service, Super Junior still doesn’t look right without Yesung!


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