Thia the Intern

Thia the Intern ~ Week 7

Yep, Week 7.
That’s where we are at…trust me I’m in awe too! I can’t believe this semester is half over already! It kind of feels like it just began so I’m having a very hard time understanding how it’s already midterms!

But anyway, this work in my life as an intern didn’t see too much excitement.
On Monday my team received four new projects to do for these two weeks. I won’t lie four projects is a lot of work for a short period of time, one of them is online focused so that isn’t too much, but the other three have components that require differentiation and I don’t know it seems a bit excessive. Especially when you are balancing a full course load and a part-time job with it. I can handle the amount of work that’s not a problem but occasionally it just makes me go “UGHHHH!” Yes, that is a groan.

I don’t have another tour night coming up until November but I am very much looking forward to that and in the mean time I have plenty of grassroots promotion to do! The four projects I have now are due a week from Monday so plenty of work still to do.

Oh and I am definitely making strides in my time management….I am so much more organized than I was a few weeks ago! Definite strides and that I am happy about!



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