Sound Up Sunday

Sound Up Sunday [Volume 6]

And we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming!
Heyyy, this week I bring you some more awesome music.
3 tracks too, since I feel bad for missing last week. 

Lindsey Cohen – Persistent Boy

What is there not to love about singer/songwriters?
Lindsey Cohen is great, she has some serious Regina Spektor & Ingrid Michaelson vibes to her and honestly I love that!
This track her is her original song Persistent Boy and I love the lyrics of it! She also has a GREAT cover of The Black Keys’  Little Black Submarines – give it a watch here, it’s really good! I thought about that posting that as my selection actually, but I really wanted to post her original song. Honestly, all I can really say is ~ I look forward to watching her career grow!

Lindsey Stirling – Master of Tides

Okay so first of all Lindsey Stirling is a goddess, lets just get that out there. This track is amazing! I first saw it the other day as I was scrolling through tumblr, I watched in the library on campus and truthfully it almost brought me to tears because it is just so beautiful.
It’s Lindsey Stirling, it’s steampunk, it’s pirate themed and it is essentially a flashmob! What about this music video is not amazing?!

VIXX – Error

Yes! Back to K-Pop, at least for the third and final track in this week’s Sound Up Sunday.
VIXX is back with this brilliant track Error and truly I don’t know what I like best about this. Probably the song, the song itself is right up to level with everything VIXX typically releases, in my opinion they have yet to release a bad track. Poor fashion choices aside (because when is there not poor fashion in K-Pop honestly) the robot thing was really exciting in this music video as was the choreography. In fact I wish there was had been a little less of the robot love story and more of the group as a whole showcasing the choreo. All in all though, this video and this song is amazing!
VIXX is going on a two city US tour next month (NYC & Chicago) and while I won’t be going to see them *cue sad music* I am so excited for people to be able to see this live!


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