Thia the Intern

Thia the Intern ~ Weeks 5 & 6

Well I missed a week of This the Intern posts today it’s a 2 for 1 wonder!!

Last week was definitely busy in terms of internship work but hey I didn’t mind – I enjoyed it.
I started that Monday (October 6th) still in Chicago from my B1A4 weekend and when it came time for the weekly conference call I took it on the road. It was kind of interesting to do, but I had read the info email we receive beforehand and then did some more reading on the new artist projects when I finally got home to Minnesota.

The next day the busy continued as I had a concert to attend that night. Tour assignments are my favorite part of this internship! This time it was Young Guns – an awesome rock band from the UK. It was really exciting for me to be on their tour assignment as I have known this band for a while but never had a chance to see them live! There set was pretty good, the only complaint I had was that the venue was kind of lackluster. I had gotten there a bit early and I didn’t bring a +1 this time so truthfully when I noticed the majority of the audience was high school age I felt a bit awkward, thus I ended up hanging out with merch people for the three bands performing that night. At least until the venue started to fill up. I also ran into an old friend who was there to see the headlining band, so that was pretty cool. It seemed that most people were there for the headliners but a lot of them knew Young Guns and were excited to see them too. I know I was.

The other exciting thing that happened that week was that the next Saturday I had another tour assignment. This one perhaps even more exciting than the last. The PIXIES! This may have been the most chill concert I have ever been to. Audience goers ranged from 16 years old to 60 years old and yet everyone was so into the music. The show was at the State Theatre, a fully seated venue, yet there was hardly anyone in their seats! Everyone was up and dancing to the music! I have never been a huge Pixies fan but I have definitely listened to bits of their music here and there throughout my life! I mean they have been around the music scene my whole life, so it’s inevitable…but that’s besides the point.
Let’s just say last week was a great week for tour assignments!

Onto this week!

Well, to start I will say not as much happened this week as last. But it was still a good week.
I have three projects wrapping up right now, so for internship work this week I spent it getting all of that work sorted out.
So clearly not as busy of a week as last week, but just as important!
While I do enjoy the tour assignments more (really who wouldn’t) but all of the other promo work I do is just as important. The busy work is the more important work actually!
I mentioned in my Thia the Intern post having to work on my time management and I am definitely making strides in that.
I have a little ways to go still, but it’s a process and one that is ongoing!

But I think that about wraps this week and last week.
So ~ until next time,


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