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B1A4 @ The Rosemont Theatre [10.05.14]

Sincerely…where do I even begin?
This concert, man I don’t even know what to say. It was absolutely AMAZING, WONDERFUL, MAGICAL, and about 9,000 other adjectives synonymous with awesome!


Before I begin I have to say that I owe a huge thank you to my friend Riz for helping Chelsea and I get our tickets to this concert! With her help we had second row seats but honestly we ended up even more blessed!
About a week before the show I kept hearing a lot about a PIT section they were adding to the venue and we were actually a little worried and upset because hey, we’re supposed to be second row! It wasn’t until the day of the concert I saw our tickets said PIT on them. Turns out our tickets were in the PIT section and we ended up spending the whole show against the edge of the stage! I have never been that close at a concert, let alone a K-Pop show!

Chelsea and I were very active and dancing a lot and the boys seemed to enjoy us because they all came over to us and interacted with us a lot. I’m not going to say that they interacted with us more than others by any means but they did seem to come back over to us a lot.
Some of the key interactions were;

  • Multiple smiles and hearts thrown back and forth to Sandeul
  • Jinyoung teased me with a hug. He opened his arms to me but never crouched close enough and then he started laughing
  • At one point or another I touched every member’s hand
  • At the beginning of the show during a song transition I shouted, “Baro I love you!” in Korean. He heard me then turned and waved. After that throughout the night he kept coming back over to me or when he was on the other side of the stage we would make eye contact.
  • I had a dance off with CNU towards the beginning of the show
  • During one song Sandeul put his microphone towards me and when I stepped back from it he laughed at me.
  • Gongchan & CNU both took the phone of the girl next to me and included me in their selcas.
  • CNU popped over in front of me out of nowhere, crouched down and hugged me!!
  • Towards the end of the show during “You Are My Girl” Baro had a go pro camera and filmed both me and Chelsea so we may be a some sort of video soon…
  • & my absolute favorite moment ::: Baro (aka my BIAS!) sang “Amazing” directly to me. He was staring at me and pointing at me and essentially we sang it to each other because yes, I was singing it back to him. He also briefly held my hand at the end of it.

image4I don’t want to sound like too much of a fangirl but honestly it’s kind of impossible for me not to. I mean, I was in the FRONT ROW! I had all those interactions with these boys and it was just insane! Insanely awesome and that’s about all I can say about that!

In terms of the musicality of the show, I love that they had a live band, there is always something more exciting when there is a live band versus using straight musical recordings. It adds a whole layer that isn’t otherwise present, both the band and the singers have to be paying attention and on time always.
Honestly, this concert was awesome. The fan interactions, hearing Sandeul’s voice live, and finally seeing Baro (and the rest of the guys!) in person! All of it was a dream come true!!
At one point they did a cover of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” with Jinyoung taking the lead and I melted. I have always loved that song and they most definitely did it justice! Another favorite moment of the night was for “Chu Chu Chu” when they pulled a ridiculously lucky and adorable young girl from the audience and serenaded her with the song and then gave her gifts!

Yes my fangirl heart nearly gave out after this concert. But we still had the hi-touch! I’ll get to that.

I sadly can’t 100%  guarantee that this setlist is entirely accurate as I was mostly in fangirl mode, but I do believe it’s correct (it does not include the VCRs for costume changes):

1) O.K
2) Beautiful Target
3) I Wont Do Bad Things
4) Oh My Godimage5
5) Because of You
6) Seoul
7) Tried to Walk
8) This Time is Over
9) Knocking on Heaven’s Door
10) Wonderful Tonight (acoustic)
11) You Make Me A Fool
12) Amazing
13) Lonely
14) Solo Day
15) Chu Chu Chu
16) Pretty
17) What’s Happening?
18) A Glass of Water
19) Who Am I
20) Baby Goodnight
21) You Are My Girl
22) In the Air
23) If…

I don’t know if I can say what my favorite part of the concert was…it would probably come down between Baro singing “Amazing” to me and CNU hugging me, but truly the entire concert was phenomenal!

The hi-touch however, is one thing I would like to redo. Not because it was bad, but because I didn’t know what to say. For some reason I neverimage1 allowed myself to think that we were going to get high touch passes, though I did somehow know we would get them, I just simply never prepared myself. Nor was I prepared for Baro to be the first in line!
I had planned on telling him I think he is handsome and basically that I adore him, however when I got to him and he was looking me right in the eyes every word I knew across every language I have studied went out the window. There was nothing in brain expect “Hi!” So that’s what I said, instead of just double high-fiving him, I clasped onto his hands and looked at him for a second and then muttered out “Hi…thank you!” To which Baro of course smiled and laughed at me and said Hi back. By the time I got to Jinyoung I had some level of language back and said, “I love you guys!” he grabbed my hands, shook them back and forth and answered with “YEAHHH!” in the most adorable excited voice I’d ever heard. I said thank you to Sandeul and then CNU was last in line and he looked at me for a second, as if he expected me to say something and again all I could manage to say was Hi & Thank you!
I don’t regret anything about the concert or the hi-touch, I just wish I wouldn’t have lost all my words and had actually been able to talk to them for a second! Silly me. I was in fangirl mode, what can I say! I will add though that as I got to the exit of the high touch part of me must have regretted not saying more to Baro because I turned my head and yelled, “Baro I love you” in Korean. (Yes the second time that night I told him). We were ushered out pretty quickly so I don’t know his reaction to that but oh well! I honestly regret nothing!


And that about wraps up my experience at the B1A4 concert.
I will honestly say it was one of the best nights of my life!!




10 thoughts on “B1A4 @ The Rosemont Theatre [10.05.14]

  1. hi! i was wondering if you mind letting me know which PIT seat did you have? 🙂 i’m going to the 2pm concert at rosemont and i wanted to get an idea of how close i will be to the stage 🙂 btw, looks like u had so much fun!! so jealous of all those fan service moments! ❤ haha

    1. How lucky you’re going to 2PM! Have a blast!!! But yes, we were in PIT102 Row 2 Seats 9 & 10, but because there were only 5 seats in PIT102 they allowed us all to line up along the edge of the stage! That’s how we got so close.
      Thank you I did have a lot of fun! The fan service was amazing! I hope you have an amazing time at 2PM!!! If you’re in the PIT…blow a kiss to Wooyoung for me?! 😉 haha

      1. thanks!! ohhh they allowed all 5 seats from PIT102 to line up along the edge?! there was no row 1 for PIT 102? thats awesome! haha i hope i’ll be able to help u with that blow kiss to wooyoung! hahaha ❤ ill try my best 😉

      2. Well Row 1 had 2 seats and Row 2 had 3 seats so they let all 5 of us be up front! If you’re in 102 I hope it’s the same for you!

      3. for some reason, i couldnt reply under ur last response haha! so hopefully you’ll see this 🙂 thanks so much for responding! i am in 102 so i hope i’ll be able to get a good view because i’m pretty short T___T

  2. Hi! I know this post is old, but I’m going to an EXO concert in February at Rosemont theatre and am trying to find someone who might be able to answer my questions. I’m pretty sure they will be using the pit as extra stage space so our seating starts with the normal rows of chairs. Did you find it at all inconvenient to be so close? like it made it harder to see everything or was it not too bad? and did those speakers or whatever they are in the front make it hard to see? My sister and I are trying to decide on whether we should be as close as possible or be back a couple rows in order to see everything better! Any help would be much appreciated, thank you 🙂

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