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Sound Up Sunday [B1A4 Edition]

This week of Sound Up Sunday is a special edition as today is the day of the B1A4 concert!!!
Let’s fly~

Solo Day

I had the hardest time deciding what videos to choose for this edition of Sound Up Sunday until finally I decided I should book end it & yes that’ll make more sense in a little bit. To start though…this is one of the book ends of my life with B1A4 thus far.
I chose Solo Day because if you don’t love this video I’m going to ask you to rethink your life, because seriously magic! It’s absolute hilarity, plus the song regularly gets stuck in my head…the whistle, always!
The character each member plays is just too adorable for words and has me cracking up from the beginning of the video to the end. I am Baro biased and I will say he makes one adorable Space Geek!
To any music lover in the world…just watch this. It’ll be worth the time, if anything because the video is simply awesome!

Beautiful Target

This would be the other bookend of my life with B1A4.
Beautiful Target was the first song I ever heard from them back in late 2011 when my friend made me 2 mix CDs of KPop songs she called A K-Pop Crash Course (S/N: I still have those CDs and I do still listen to them regularly.) Anyways, like I said Beautiful Target was the first B1A4 song I ever heard thus it will always be one of my favorites and also the first bookend. Solo Day is the boy’s latest song and music video therefore it is the other bookend. But watch this video here and maybe you’ll see what drew me in. They were such little babies…I can’t get over how cute and technicolor everything is. It’s amusing to hear how much K-Pop has changed just in the few years since I started listening to it and these two songs are very good examples of that. Anyway~~ just watch this. I love this song and forever will love how adorable this video is!
Also know, I was Baro biased from the very beginning, literally I was Baro biased before I ever saw him, I liked his voice first when I first listened to this song.

One other thing to know….I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THESE GUYS TONIGHT!!




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