K-Fan Lifestyle

Adventure Day~

Yes! It’s that time again!
I’m off on another adventure…and you probably guessed it! It’s another KPop adventure!


This time it’s B1A4! B1A4 are embarking on their first US tour, Road Trip to U.S., with four stops; New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, & Dallas. B1A4 will be hitting Chicago on Sunday, October 5th at the Rosemont Theater.  I of course, living about a 7 hour drive from Chicago will be driving my butt there early Saturday morning. Like 5 am early, here’s to hoping I get a good night of sleep on Friday night…!!

I am so excited for this concert! I am once again going with Chelsea! This will be the third time this year that I have seen her, all of the times were for K-Pop concerts!! How awesome! We went to B.A.P in April and Block B in June now, B1A4 in October. (Also those are all B-named groups and I’m thoroughly amused by that …can’t forget that I went to Taeyang with her in November and he is a member of Big Bang! OOOH AAAHHH!!

I also should say that we have second row seats for this concert, the best I’ve ever had at any KPop show! I think it’s gonna be a good time. B1A4 is the 5th group in my Top 5 group of KPop and after this there will only be one  of my Top 5 group I haven’t seen! That is just crazy to me.

We also have time this weekend to be a little touristy so we will definitely be doing a little bit of exploring as well!
All in all, I am just beyond pumped for this weekend…I can’t believe it’s already arrived!









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