Sound Up Sunday

Sound Up Sunday ~ Volume 3

Before I delve into this weeks Sound Up Sunday post, I want to apologize for the lack of updates this week. I got a bit behind on things. However I have some good things drafted so be on the lookout for new posts!
But back to the music~

The Griswolds – Beware the Dog

Alright, so The Griswolds is actually one of the artists I am promoting for my internship, however that is not why they are on here. I had heard them before I started the position and this video is actually hilarious to me! As a music fan, I love the sound and the song. It’s different from what I usually listen to and I find that refreshing, it’s a little beachy sounding and it simply has just a totally different vibe. I love it.
Also, as a horror movie fan the music video is gold! The Psycho homage in the shower, the evil Little Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf has me cracking up the whole way through. I even sense a little bit of a classic Frankenstein vibe with the mob and a little Evil Dead homage with the dark woods all around. All in all I’m going to just say this song and video is PURE GOLD!

One Ok Rock – Mighty Long Fall

Let’s hit another part of the world today with my favorite Japanese rock band, One Ok Rock! If you remember a ways back you may recall I had the opportunity to see their first ever US show in Los Angeles and what a trip that was! They were incredible live and since then I was waiting and waiting for new music. This actually came out end of July but I am still rocking it just about daily. They are incredible and that’s about that can be said! The day the music video came out, I featured it was my 100 Happy Days post on instagram and had actually lost all track of how many times I watched the video. The way these four guys work together is amazing to me & their music is indescribable! Taka’s voice is beyond powerful. As well Ryota, Toru, & Tomoya are all beyond talented and wonderful guys! I can’t wait until I get another opportunity to see them in concert but until then I’m going to keep listening to everything they release – I have yet to dislike a song of theirs!


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