Thia the Intern

Thia the Intern ~ Week 3

I am so into this internship it’s amazing!
I am being exposed to awesome music and getting opportunities I don’t think I ever would have gotten; meeting people it otherwise would have been hard for me to meet.

This week I had my first concert assignment and what a blast that was. The band was called Zeus and they were awesome and beyond impressive! I’m going to have a review of just that concert posted within next week…I mean they totally deserve it!
Although in terms of the internship I will say that it was really interesting to look at the audience with more of an objective eye; seeing actually the audience age, what they wear, and who they are. Typically those are things I notice anyway…but being more aware of it and actually reporting on it was intriguing. Yes, a part of me did have a little moment of feeling like I’m watching you~~ but when I thought about in the fact of this is my job I got over that. Noticing audiences is really nothing new for me so I don’t know why I had that moment, maybe it was more because I had to.
Talking to people there however was really cool. I had never heard of Zeus before and I wish I could go back and tell my past self to listen to them because wow! As I was talking to fellow audience members before the opener started nearly everyone I talked to was there specifically for Zeus and had already seen them before. There was only one couple I spoke to that had just come to the show on a whim as music fans.
I will say I definitely enjoyed the show! But like I said all of that will be in a post specially about the band.

Otherwise this week I’ve done a bit more promotion with another artist whose report is due soon and started work on some new projects coming up. I just received an assignment to get to know my local music store owner, so that is a conversation I am really looking forward to!
I have two more concert assignments coming up the first couple of weeks in October and I’m really excited about both of those. They are bands I already know and would count myself a fan of! More on that later!

But that’s all for now!


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