Thia the Intern

Thia the Intern ~ Week 2

Well hello again, it’s update time!
Another week of promotion has almost come to an end!

However I am in full swing with this internship and I am still loving it, it is a lot of busy work but let’s be honest…I’m not me nor am I happy if I’m not busy! I like to be doing stuff. I mean what’s the title of my blog after all? However I did let myself get severely overwhelmed this week and I fell a bit under some procrastination – partly because I did have to take a day off of life because of a migraine; but I got up the next day and got back to it! This is a very busy semester for me and I can’t let myself get bogged down!

In terms of internship work this week, I have done a lot more poster hanging and hand to hand promo!
I’ll be honest, I stumbled over the hand to hands at first, not that I have any problem talking to random people but because I wasn’t exactly sure how to just approach people with a specific purpose. In the past I’ve had to do with sorority recruitment but a lot of the time, they came to us or we recruited friends and acquaintances. I do however think I’m getting into a better swing of it and have much less of a problem approaching people. I’m comfortable with myself and this position so that definitely helps. I’ve learned this week that enthusiasm is definitely contagious!

The hardest part about this week would be that I’ve got 5 artists to promote at the same time. Each them has a different target audience too so keeping them separate as well is a little difficult but Organization is one of my strengths. No really, every strengthsquest type exercise I’ve ever done has come up with Organization as one of my strengths…so I’m definitely using that! In terms of the 5 artists I have right now, 3 of the artists have reports due to my supervisors next Monday the 22nd. 1 artist was extended a week (thank goodness!) and the other is a tour campaign and their concert is next Tuesday the 23rd! I’m a busy busy bee, but I really wouldn’t ask for it any other way!

Right now though, I am really excited for my first tour assignment next week! That should be fun!
That’s all for now.


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