Sound Up Sunday

Sound Up Sunday ~ Volume 2

Super Junior – Mamacita

For this week, I thought to myself….hey, let’s feature some KPop and what’s better than the first group I ever heard when I started listening to the mystical genre of Korean Pop!?
That’s right this week I’m featuring Super Junior and their comeback song Mamacita. I’m going to tell you right now, I still do not know how I feel about this song. I think I like it — in general I think it’s alright but it is definitely lacking and is not up to the standard I love of Super Junior. After discussing the song with a friend it was decided that what is missing is 10o% Yesung’s vocals! He is currently on his mandatory military enlistment and thus does not take part in SJ activities right now. As one of the main vocalists of the group it does leave them a little bare. Not that their other vocalists aren’t wonderful, they definitely are, we just miss Yesung’s voice.
I will also say though how good it is to see Leeteuk back with the boys! His enlistment recently ended so this is the first time he has been with them in roughly 2 years. I missed him a lot! Super Junior never felt quite right without their leader to me.

The choreography of the video is just silly to me…and no that is not their middle finger in that dance move, it is their pinkies. Just to make that clear. I say watch the video, form your own opinion…as a fan of SJ I will support it, but also a fan I will admit it’s not the best.
I’ll leave you with this quote from my friend with her thoughts on it, “I don’t like the song…it sounds bland. If it was food, it would be plain white rice. When it should be Spanish rice.”

The Moody Blues – Nights in White Satin

Let’s go for a big time throwback here! I have had this song stuck in my head for days and it’s all thanks to Emily West on America’s Got Talent!
I have always loved this song, I think it’s beautiful and just this past week Emily West performed it on the semifinals of America’s Got Talent and in my opinion she won the show! It was phenomenal. Nothing can usually touch original songs for me but my oh my she was breathtaking!!
After her performance Howard Stern shamed the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for never inducting The Moody Blues, and I’m going to echo him here! THEY NEED TO!
Her performance is below. Enjoy her performance but also the original. This is an amazing song!

That’s all for this volume of Sound Up Sunday!
See ya soon!


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