Thia the Intern

Thia the Intern ~ Week 1

Internship is in full swing!
& so my weekly posts about all that I do have begun!

I was interviewed for the position over the phone as I was about to head to the Minnesota State Fair with my friends~ what great timing, but I was interviewed then and offered the position on the spot. I was thrilled to accept!

The company I intern for is in New York City and I am one of their Minneapolis reps.
I think the best way to describe what I do is that I’m a one woman street team for dozens of artists, and while there are a couple other Minneapolis reps I have not yet met them, so we don’t work together.

I have 5 artists I’m working on right now and it’s actually really interesting. Putting up posters is nothing new, but tailoring each campaign to that specific artist, that can get interesting! Having to think of where to market this specific artist too…well that’s not always easy. All the acts I’m working on right now are completely different so posting them in the same places each time doesn’t exactly work.
Another part of what I do is with hand to hand promotion. I have a ton of awesome items that I give out to music fans. I have always loved spreading the word about good music and new music so I truly think this position is great for me.

My first tour assignment is a little over a week away and I’m super excited for that one! I’ll fill you in on those efforts as they are more relevant!

My posts will of course become more specific as I have more to say about each week but for now this is just a brief overview for Week 1 as a lot of what I’ve done right now is posters and hand to hands!
That’s all for now, see ya next time!


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