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Weekend Round Up [9/4/14 – 9/7/14]

I’m bringing these posts back now that there is some differentiation back in my life as I’m back in school and have a designated weekend again!
That being said, let’s go!
I could do a recap of everything but honestly the last major highlight was my trip to Miami. Aside from a couple of days spent at the Minnesota State Fair, that was a highlight too, but that’s going to have its own post so I’ll just start this will this weekend.

Thursday, September 4th:
So, not technically the start of the weekend but it was my first back to class so that was super exciting! I had all 3 of my classes that I will have on campus at Augsburg and while a couple of classes are going to be hard (NUMBERSSSSS!! Classes with numbers….math) I am really looking forward to everything. I think my Keystone course is going to be especially interesting, it’s a hybrid course (half online & half on campus) and we have two professors that seem to have a very good back & forth between them. I also think I’m going to especially busy this semester but I don’t mind one bit!

Friday, September 5th:
My music class at McNally-Smith does not start until this next Friday so I had Friday the 5th off. I wish I could say that I milked it and pretended it was another day of summer but no…I was up early and on campus for a registration session to make my internship official! Kind of a necessary thing to do, if I’m completely honest! I would like to get the credit for the work I’m doing now.

Friday night however was the highlight of the day. Earlier in the day I had seen that the popular Korean film The Admiral: Roaring 140624-001_1406240326077Currents about Admiral Yi Sun Shin and the Battle of Myeongnyang had received an even larger US release and surprisingly enough it was at a theater not far from where I live in Minnesota. The Battle of Myeongnyang, for those who don’t know, was a naval battle during the Joseon Dynasty in which Yi Sun Shin led 12 ships in battle against roughly 330 Japanese or Japanese supported ships. Thanks to Admiral Yi the battle was a decided victory for the Joseon Navy. But back to the movie, I was so happy when I saw it was so close as I had wanted to see the movie since I first saw trailers for it when it was released in Korea, I couldn’t pass up seeing it now so close to me. I made John come with me to the movie and we were both laughing a bit before it started because I noticed that as people were taking their seats I was the only white person in the audience. Welcome to K-Fan Lifestyle in Suburban Minnesota everyone~. It was kind of amusing. I didn’t mind one bit though, I’ve been learning Korean a little bit and my ability has picked up a bit to a point where I was able to catch a few of the words said around me. (Not that I was eavesdropping! I just heard words here or there when voices would pick up in volume.) Overall though, the movie was amazing! I definitely see why it broke all the box office records in South Korea. It was well made, well acted, and simply breathtaking to watch! Choi Min Sik, who American audiences would most likely know as the villain in Lucy, was amazing as Yi Sun Shin! I can’t wait till I get the opportunity to see it again. I know it’ll be one I order once it’s released and have the opportunity!
Seriously, even if you don’t enjoy Korean film the way I do, I highly recommend this film, even just as a war film. It is amazing and I know people across the world will love it!

Saturday, September 6th:
This day marked my mom’s birthday but unfortunately she was sick and I had to work the bulk of the day so not much celebrating happened. Let’s jump to Sunday.

Sunday, September 7th:
Busy Busy day.
It started with a quick run out to a family friend’s Bridal Shower. Mom still felt pretty sick so Dad was her representative and the two of us drove a little bit away to drop off a couple of gifts to a wonderful friend!

My Pretty Momma!
My Pretty Momma!

After coming home it consisted of me sitting mostly at my laptop working on a variety of things and checking item after item off of my to-do list. Including starting up my new series Sound Up Sunday, that I’m super excited about. I hope everyone saw that post! My friend Chelsea sent me a voice message on Whatsapp a little bit ago saying she read it “and loved it!!” she sounded about as excited as I am about this series!
Soon after getting the to-do list done though, my brother Ben came over as did John and we had an awesome home cooked dinner to celebrate mom’s birthday!!
I always love a good Sunday with my family and boyfriend! Plus Mom seemed to really like her gifts so that was a major plus.

All in all, I’m calling this weekend a success and I’m super excited to have my Weekend Round Up posts active again!
Go do something exciting, see you soon!


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