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Block B @ The Fillmore Miami Beach [06.27.14]

Well well, about time I got around to this right?
As I have mentioned a couple of times now, at the end of June I went to Miami Beach with Chelsea to see Block B! While we also had a lot of tourist time, the main point of our trip was clearly to see Block B, and what a show it was!!
So let’s talk about it.
Block B Showcase Live in USA~


Before I delve deep into the workings of the concert let me say that I originally wasn’t even supposed to go to this show. Chelsea was going to go with one of her friends, but do to extenuating circumstances I ended up with her ticket and went in her place. I went into this show as somewhat of a Block B fan but I wouldn’t have classified myself as a BBC (Block B’s fandom), and I really didn’t know all that much about them. I did however love a bunch of their songs, I just had never gotten deep into them. Seriously, as close as an hour before the show Chelsea was still quizzing me on which member was which. She’d show me a face and say “Who is this?” By the time of the show I knew each of them! That being said…this is my review of their show! Keep that in mind, I went into this open-minded because I knew I couldn’t be called BBC.

Unlike the other K-Pop shows I’ve been to Block B’s was not a typical concert, it was a showcase. Essentially it was a showcase of their talents to USA fans. I’m not going to say it didn’t feel like a concert though, because it definitely did. There simply were moments that were blatantly obvious that this was a showcase and not a standard concert! Most notably by the fact that at a couple different points, IMG_2943chairs were brought out and they sat down with two MCs for the evening and had a Q&A portion. There were some rather memorable moments from this though. The members were given the chance the opportunity to ask the member next to them a question and they really showed their love for one another by asking questions like “Why are you so cute?” or “Why are you so handsome?” and questions in that similar vein. I would say my favorite moment was when Park Kyung was asked “Would you date an American girl?” Kyung paused for a moment before grinning and answering rather loudly, “HELL YEAH, HELL YEAH, HELL YEAH!!” He seemed very excited about his answer…as did all the girls in the audience.

Along with the Q&A portions they also had special events throughout the night and in between their songs. At two different times they drew random seats from the audience and invited them up on stage, each member drew a seat, so for every member there was 1 audience member. 7 boys on stage with 7 fangirls beside them each time!

The first time audience were called up it was for a serenade~! Each member drew a slip of paper with a seat and the girls went up to the stage and took a seat next to the member who called them. They were then serenaded with the song “Romantically” and given a roseIMG_2945 by the member! We were already aware they called people on stage, so before the show Chelsea and I had agree that if they called either of our seats she would be the one to go up! When it got down the line to B-Bomb, he called “Row U Seat 2” Chelsea and I were in Row U seats 101 & 102. We were so close but so far away from her being up on stage, and getting a rose from B-Bomb. I wish he had called our seat number, but we lived and it was still enjoyable! Those 7 ladies were very lucky though to get up stage and be serenaded by these lovely boys with such a lovely song!

The second time audience members were called up on stage was for an action game. I could say it was akin to mixing Telephone with Charades. The first person in line was given a movie title or a character and they had to act it out for the person behind them, by the end of the line the last person had to guess what the Title or Character was. The first team was given “Transformers” the second had “The Incredible Hulk” and both teams were absolutely hilarious! In the first team, watching members of the derpiest K-Pop group known to man act like transforming cars was a hoot and the audience members looked dumbfounded but they got it in the end. The second group too, one girl was awesome…she was super confident with the members, even asking to borrow one of the guys jackets to act out the character! I’m not gonna lie, I was a little envious of that girl but I’m pretty sure had I been up there I wouldn’t have had a problem. I would have treated them like they were my friends, essentially what she did!

As a whole, I have to say that I loved Block B’s performances. There wasn’t a single moment that I wasn’t on my feet dancing to the IMG_0828beat and singing along with the songs I knew! Block B is very unlike any other K-Pop group I have seen live, they simply have a different aura on stage. I’m not sure if I can fully explain that, but I guess the best thing to say would be that it is easy to see that they love what they are doing. They look like they are having fun which makes every member of the audience have fun in turn! It almost felt like a big party…like had there not been security I could have jumped up on stage and danced right along with those 7 silly boys!

Now, the Hi-Touch!
For the Miami concert, every ticket sold also came with a Hi-Touch event pass, for anyone unfamiliar what a Hi-Touch is…basically it means that the group members stand in a row and the fans are able to go by them and hi-five them all or shake their hands. Depending on the number of fans and the event occasionally you can interact with the artist, but the sheer number of fans involved this night made this strictly hi-five only! Also no photos or videos were allowed during it. *Cue Thia sad face*
But anyway…Chelsea and I waited in the lobby with all the fans for what felt like hours for the Hi-Touch to begin and when it finally did we were ushered through a hallway where all 7 members were standing awaiting their numerous hi-fives!

Zico was first in line with a big grin on his face and I hi-fived him and went all down the line through; B-Bomb, Jaehyo, P.O & U-Kwon hi-fiving each member and saying Hi to them in Korean. Then there was Kyung…that adorable little guy had at some point during the showcase up and decided he was going to be my bias (favorite member) in this group and I just think he’s too cute for words. So when I got to him in line, I did not hi-five his hand, I actually held on to it for a second said Hi to him and then said the equivalent of “Ah, you’re so cute!” to him in Korean. I know enough of the language that I was able to get that out and I will NEVER forget the look on his face. His grin spread from ear to ear, I know that no matter what I will never forget that look! Last in line was Taeil, he heard me call Kyung cute and he actually started to chuckle when I said it. When I went to hi-five him, he grabbed my hand and held onto my wrist and shook my hand fully. I went in for the hi-five but he had such a grip on my wrist than when I went to keep walking he basically pulled me back! It was rather amusing and definitely another thing I will never forget about the Hi-Touch and the night I saw Block B!

So…all that being said…do you remember what I said at the beginning of this post? That I went into this concert not able to classify my BBC? Well it is beyond safe to say that is no longer true! Block B has won me over and I am now 100% BBC and proud of it!!

Oh yeah & check out these awesome derptastic Block B fanshirts Chelsea made for us! Love them!!!




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