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Thia Rose Adventures to Miami Beach

Let’s talk about vacation! Yayy vacation~~
But first I will say please forgive me for taking so long to post about this or anything…I have no excuses…I’ve been lazy with my whole summer break.

But anyyyyywayyyyyy…..

As I mentioned in my previous post I was headed off on an adventure to Miami for the Block B showcase and what a fun trip it was!
I left Minnesota on Wednesday, June 25th and headed to Fort Lauderdale (after a layover in Milwaukee). Initially we thought about flying straight into Miami, but Fort Lauderdale proved to be a little cheaper and my cousin Jordan lives a little ways north of there. So I asked him if he could pick us up and take us to our hotel. He said yes.

From the beach in Fort Lauderdale. My toes were submerged in the ocean as I took this!

My flight got in before Chelsea’s so my cousin picked me up first and we got dinner by the beach, and yes I walked in the sand. There was much sand walking this weekend. Unfortunately I don’t recall the name of the restaurant we went to but I had a Hawaiian salad and it was amazing. That’s all I can say about that. After walking on the beach for a bit, we still had some time to kill so Jordan decided to show me around the area a bit and we ended up at a Kilwin’s where we had some amazing chocolates and I brought Chelsea back a chocolate covered rice krispy! Soon enough though she texted and said her flight had landed so back to the airport we went to pick up my best friend!

The baggage claim and pick up area at the airport was crazy busy but when we finally found Chelsea I have no words for how excited I was to see her again. Living in a different state from your best friend (any of my best friends actually) and only seeing them occasionally for  events like this always gets a little frustrating. But man am I glad when ever I do see them! This time though, there was a quick hug and then a “Quick! Get your stuff in the car!” the airport was that busy! We were on our way to Miami Beach soon though and I still owe another huge thank you to Jordan for doing all that driving…especially with us. I’m sure we annoyed him with all our K-Pop and who knows what talk! So Jordan, if you ever read this…sorry if we annoyed you but thanks for all the driving again!!

Greenview – from across the street

We got to our hotel kind of late Wednesday night so we spent the night getting checked in, unpacking and simply relaxing! We stayed at the Greenview Boutique Hotel; it was a pretty small hotel but it was actually super cute. Our room was small but really what is the point of a big hotel room when you’re on a vacation. The only time we spent there was to sleep and relax in the mornings after waking up. One thing I really loved about our hotel was that we had an actual physical key to the door. It wasn’t a scanning key card like most hotel, I thought that was cute. Kind of a silly thing to love I know, but what can I say? I like cute things. Also the hotel was in the perfect central location for us. The Fillmore Theater, where Block B played, was practically right across the street, and we were walking distance from the beach from and a whole bunch of shops and restaurants. That’s how we spent most of our time.

IMG_2925I will say I think that was my favorite part of the trip, just walking around at random to different stores and the beach! Yes the beach! Our hotel was sincerely in a perfect location. If you take a left out the front door of the hotel and then another left and the end of that block and walk to the end of the street you were met with a beautiful beach view! We went there a few times. Unfortunately never for a swim, but just walking along the water line with our feet in the water was magnificent! Rather surprisingly it was never very packed either, had we decided to go back for a swim we would have had plenty of beach to choose from in where to lay out a towel and place our stuff.

Posing on the beach!

Aside from spending time on the beach, we spent a lot of the time wandering the shops in the Lincoln Road Mall.  Lincoln Road Mall is essentially a long strip mall that was also right by our hotel. Where we would turn left to go to the beach, turn right and you were at the mall. There were so many cool shops and restaurants throughout that we really enjoyed exploring them. We went into one in particular called Koto. On one shelf they had these cool metal letters & symbols you could spell out various words with; when we IMG_0859walked in the letters said “ Block B”, and seeing as Chelsea & I were in Miami Beach to see Block B I took advantage of this and rearranged the letters to say “Block B  BBC” – BBC of course being the Block B fandom. We got a kick out of it, and I hope any BBCs that went into that shop after we were there, they enjoyed it too! Another definite highlight of the time we spent at Lincoln Road Mall was getting to try Shake Shack for the first time ever! It was delicious and all I can say is…like In-N-Out, it is another burger place I wish we had in the midwest!! Come here soon delicious burger places…yes??

We did a lot of walking on this trip and at one point we ended up walking by the shop from Miami Ink – Love Hate Tattoo – without even realizing. We were actually talking about the shop saying “I wonder where it is…” and then I saw the logo in the window and stopped and said, “Oh, it’s right here!” and we kept on walking. It was a funny moment that I know I wont forget!

All in all, my vacation to Miami Beach was a blast and I’m so glad I got to share it with Chelsea, someone I am proud to call one of My Best Friends!!

our hotel room selca
our hotel room selca

& never fear K-Pop readers…my review of the Block B Showcase will be up shortly!!



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