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An Adventure is Happening!

Yep, you read that right!
I’m in the midst of the adventure right about now. Quite literally actually, as you read this I will be on a plane to Fort Lauderdale and then from there heading to Miami!

You probably guessed it too, this trip is for another K-Pop concert.








I will be attending the Block B Showcase in Miami, Florida and I am so excited! Also because it means I get to reunite with Chelsea again! The hazards of having best friends in other parts of the country (and sometimes world) is simply that you don’t often get to see them. However it seems I’m having a summer of Chelsea! I saw her in April for B.A.P in Indiana and now Block B in Miami.

Also, my cousin Jordan lives in Florida and he will be picking us up from the airport! I haven’t seen him in quite a while so I’m really excited for that.

Chelsea and I have a couple of days to be tourists in Miami too, meaning we get to explore again just like we did in San Francisco.  All in all this is going to be a great trip. I can’t wait for the concert (not to mention the hi-touch), seeing Miami, seeing my cousin, and spending more time with Chelsea. This is gonna be wonderful!

Here’s to hoping my flight is going good!


One thought on “An Adventure is Happening!

  1. Have Fun!!! Im still emensly jealous that you were given the opportunity to see another kpop concert only a few months after your last excursion lol

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