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Let’s Play Catch-Up! [A Round Up of Sorts]

Well hello strangers!
It’s been a while since I posted about my life and frankly I don’t know why that is. Heck the last Weekend Round-Up I posted was in March and that makes me sad. I’ve posted since then yes, but nothing about me. So let’s play catch up, because I think there is plenty to catch up on!
So let’s go back to the highlights from April onward.

April 5th:
family feudWith some of  my family members, I auditioned for the Family Feud.
It was so much fun to audition, we watched a bunch of families go first and then when we were called up we played our round. The whole audition process is basically a mini round of the game. The audition host asks a questions and then it goes through the line for answers. We never heard back from the show, so clearly we didn’t make it on, but it was still so much fun!

April 18th-20th:
The weekend I have previously posted about! Solo road trip to Indiana where I then met up with best friend Chelsea for a IMG_2909weekend of B.A.P magic. I left Minnesota mid morning on Friday the 18th and it took me about 8 hours to get there. Once I did I was beyond glad! It was such a long drive by myself, but man it was great when I finally go there. Friday night we hung out at the hotel, had dinner and drinks and that bar and basically were all girly. By that I mean we were up till 3am gossiping about everything. Saturday was the concert, and I’m still thinking about how amazing it was. Finally Sunday, we spent the morning together, got Starbucks at the location in our hotel and then parted ways about noon. I may or may not have taken a wrong turn on my way home and the resulting drive was instead about 10.5 to 11 hours.

photo 4I finished up the semester on the first of May with my last final. Of the three semesters I have been studying at Augsburg this is the first one I didn’t make the Dean’s List and sadly I was only .02 points away, but I am still very happy with all my final grades for the semester.

May 2nd-4th:
This weekend was potentially the best possible way to celebrate the end of the semester! Megan and I went to the first ever Minneapolis Wizard World Comic-Con. It was 3 days of pure nerd glory and just absolutely amazing! Day 1 we spent wandering about, looking at vendors and artists. Many wonderful things were purchased that weekend! Celebrity appearances though, those were super exciting! I got to see Jason David Frank in person for the first time ever. photo 3Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet him, but just seeing him was kind of awesome. See, JDF – or as you know him Tommy Oliver from the Power Rangers, was one of my very first crushes when I was a kid!
On the last day we met a couple pretty exciting people though. I ran into Michael Rooker as he was leaving. Which really means I photo 2yelled out his name and asked for a quick photo before he left. I am so glad I did. He came up to me, hugged me, pinched my cheeks and called me sweetie, and then took a photo with me in which he flipped off my camera. I wont say whether he was drunk or not…but it kind of seemed like it. He was hilarious though, and that interaction couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds long. However I think the absolute best meeting though…
the one and only Matt Smith! Yep the most recent Doctor Who! As a Whovian I had to do what I could to meet him, so Megan and I split the cost of his photo op! It was totally worth it! I think when I walked in I said something like “Oh my goodness you’re real!” to which he said, “Yes I am!” with that ridiculously cute cheesy grin of his! He also complimented Megan’s teal hair, so that’s kind of cool too.
photo 1

One little side note here, on Day 3 of Comic-Con Megan and I were cosplayed at Sam & Dean Winchester. We even drew Anti-Possession charms, you can kind of see mine in my photo with Michael Rooker and you can Megan’s in our photo with Matt Smith. It was our first time cosplaying, so we wanted to do something we were familiar with and I must say it was really cool getting stopped for photos with other people. I can’t wait for another experience like this!

May 9th:
Let me introduce you to a few of my new friends! My fellow Minnesota K-Pop fangirl friends!!
10277450_10204044174328362_6312830915041103_nAt the bottom of the photo is Aunnie, and then next to me is Lee & Hope. We all met on instagram and twitter simply because we are all K-Pop fans. Hope & Aunnie found me on Instagram after the B.A.P concert when I posted this photo on 1613879_10203894390463859_4900038076825418394_nInstagram of my Himchan fan picket buckled in for my drive and from then we’ve been friends.  The first photo is the from the first time we all met in person at a Caribou Coffee. Unfortunately we live pretty far apart and are all pretty busy so we have only met up one other time when we had an amazing all-you-can-eat Sushi lunch a couple of weeks later!

I can’t assign a specific date to this one but the best thing to happen in June so far would be that I was able to paint and move bedrooms in my house as my brother has finally finished most of the renovations in his house and moved in! I can now say roommy room is big enough for all my junk. A tricky thing since when I moved back home, I moved an apartment’s worth of belongings into one bedroom. So far though, I am loving my new bedroom! I am almost done with designing everything, I bought some artwork at Comic-Con that I need to get framed but once that is up everything will be done.

I’ve got some great things coming up in my life but I think that’s about all of the super exciting things to happen as of late.

Oh wait, there is one thing I’m forgetting. Well not forgetting, just haven’t mentioned yet. photo
Let me introduce you to someone. 
This is John, I call him my boyfriend.  Yup, that’s a thing.
I think it’s time my blog life was introduced to him, I do spend quite a bit of time with him.
We met late in December, our first date was the end of January, and then due to the craziness of life didn’t go out again for a few weeks. Eventually we did get that second date though and then a few more.
In mid-March we made this relationship thing official, so yep boyfriend – that’s a thing. Hmm there may see a bit more of him through my posts now. He’s pretty great, and I’m pretty happy. This photo of us, it’s so fancy because we were at his cousin’s wedding, I don’t think we’re normally that fancily dressed. But hey like I said, happy!

So like I said, my life is going pretty great and some great things are coming up soon! Mostly just hey, I’m really enjoying my Summer break!
What’s going on your world?



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