It’s that time of year again~~

Summer is over, Fall is starting, kids are going back to school and well my life is abuzz with excitement.
Okay I tend to think my life is abuzz with excitement all of the time because I’m just that weirdo happy person, but there is just something about this time of year I love!!

First of all the final semester of my undergraduate career begins tomorrow. Unless I ever decide to go to grad school, this very well could be my last First Day of School ever. It’s slightly bittersweet. Though it has been a loooooooong time coming! I mean after starting at UWRF as an education major in 2009 and then deciding that wasn’t right for me three years later…yeah this has been a long time coming. I’m proud of myself for coming this far though. Every choice I’ve made in my life and my education has made me this person and I’m so thankful for that!

I also really can’t wait to get back into class tomorrow! Yes, I am one of those weird kids who prefers the school year over summer, I really love having something to do all the time and homework really doesn’t bother me! I like to learn, always have. To finish my final semester I have a finance course, a business & economics course, and my senior keystone at Augsburg. I’m also taking a Music Marketing class at McNally Smith College of Music to fulfill my final elective requirement. I think this is going to be a heavy semester but man oh man am I ever ready for it!!

Though there is another exciting addition to my workload this semester. I have an internship!
I was offered a position with a media company in New York City as one of their Minneapolis reps and I am so beyond excited and honored for this opportunity!! I basically get to spend time promoting musicians and their work and even take in a few shows in my area. Some of that is things I do already, but I’m going to be gaining new experiences and learning new marketing tips and techniques and can I use the word excited again?? Because really I am…I’m honestly very excited to take part in this!

I know this fall is going to be one hell of a fall and I’m looking forward to every day of it!

me and gib
The Pup & I ready to take on the World!



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