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Thia Learns Things: Effective Messaging

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Effective Messaging, what is effective messaging?
To me effective messaging is anything that is going to get a solid message across and get it to stick in your mind regardless of what that message is. Effective messaging is going to get people to talk, or at the very least THINK!

Dozens of radio campaigns and television commercials come to mind and some stand out higher than others.
An effective message will always depend on the audience as well as everyone is going to view what you are presenting differently.

For me the best ad of late was one of Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ads this year centered around the song and the theme “America the Beautiful”:

I am one of those people who watches the Super Bowl just for the ads  and I distinctly remember seeing this one and recall when it ended I turned to my mom and said, “And there is my favorite ad from the game.” Still true too. No ad stood out to me more than this one did!

Centering it around the US melting pot idea is phenomenal to me. The primary focus was on race and cultures as the song was sung in various languages and showcased many nationalities that reside all throughout the US but it touched on other issues as well such as homosexual couples living openly and proudly and with families!
The couple shown at a roller rink is quite obviously two men in a relationship and happy at that because the general trend in the US now is towards acceptance. America is beautiful because we as a society are more accepting of all things! …Or like I said we are trending in that direction at least. There are still plenty of things wrong with this country that need fixing by 2 years ago, but one stone at a time I guess. Coke, as an international brand, did an excellent job with a spot that shows it is something enjoyed by everyone not just around the world but by all the different people who make up the American people.

I also distinctly remember that when I saw the ad I also said, “How long till the hate comes out?” To which I went to twitter and saw it was almost immediate! Hate came pouring in from everyone! People saying they would boycott Coca-Cola for putting “America the Beautiful” in the language of the terrorists and being absolutely disgusted by the whole 60-second spot. My response…good, more Coke for those of us who support it…I love Coca-Cola so thank you, you disgusting bigots! I wish I could actually ask all these people about the ad, I want them to defend their statements to me and tell why they are so anti, well anti-everything? Because they sound so Pro-American, but what is American really? We as a nation are a melting pot so what is that they don’t like, that’s what I wonder. But I digress…
Really, I wonder if the people who were actively screeching their outrage over this ad realized they are a perfect representation of just how effective this message was?

Part of having an effective message is that people talk about it and me oh my~ Coke succeeded in that! Everyone was talking about that ad and for a couple of days at least! For a commercial that’s good as hype fades fast for something like that.
I mean hell, it’s still in my mind and I have a lot of things floating through my noggin at any given second…so if something sticks up there…well, You done good Coke and that’s all I can say!


3 thoughts on “Thia Learns Things: Effective Messaging

  1. I didn’t see the ad on TV but I saw someone retweeted a post compiling all the hate message on the ad. I was appalled by the “we are in America, we speak English” comments. I forgot there are a lot of people who still think that way. Indeed, this ad generated a lot of discussion!

    1. I saw several posts like that as well. It’s definitely upsetting that people still think that way! I actually saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said “Welcome to America – Speak English” on it and it kind of made my blood boil a little bit. Unfortunately driving down the highway, very little I could…but I did mean mug that driver as I went by.

  2. Also, go hawks!!!
    Just kidding. I was so sick of all that ’12 man’ thing in Seattle. I felt so forced into all the hype at my work place.

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