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Weekend Round Up [Back in Action – Highlights Edition]

Now~ How about we get back to these Weekend Round Up posts eh?
While I potentially could trace my life all the way back to the last time I posted one…I’m not going to. That would bore both you and me. So instead I’m going to pick up with some highlights that stick out in my mind since February~

Friday, February 21st:
Living in Minnesota means dealing with snow and ice and winter every year…and living in the US this year means we all have dealt with the Polar Vortex and how horribly long and cold this winter has been. Well on Thursday the Polar Vortex struck again and cancelled my original plans on account of the roads simply being terrible!
In place of my rescheduled my friend Megan ended up at my house and we decided to have a little movie night in, courtesy of Netflix.

The movie of the night ended up being 2012’s “House at the End of the Street starring Jennifer Lawrence and Max Thieriot. Despite loving scary movies and bad ones at that, I had actually never seen this one. I found myself pleasantly surprised by it, while thoroughly predictable – it was still very good! Megan & I both entirely called the “twist” at the end, but it still entertaining. Megan is a bit more easily scared than I am so she got the jumps out of a few bits in the film, while I simply laughed through it!
We also watched “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog” as Megan had never seen it, and and inside documentary episode from Bloomberg TV on Chipotle. If you love Chipotle and haven’t seen “Inside Chipotle” I seriously recommend watching it. It’s fascinating, the CEO & founder of the chain is rather interesting – his entire mindset on the business and what he wants for everyone involved is…well captivating and inspiring I guess. I would love to sit and down and have a conversation on the combination of dreams and business models with him, I think it would be enlightening. But like I said, if you have not seen it I definitely recommend it.

Saturday, February 22nd:
Do you ever attend an event that just makes you feel good to know that people want to help other people? I attended a benefit in support of my cousin’s baby, a victim of child abuse. The event was called “A Rae of Sunshine” a play off her name, Raegan.
There was a huge silent auction at the benefit, as well as raffles, items for sale, and a $10 cover fee at the door allowing for all you could eat Taco in a Bags (a genius and easy food choice). The building was packed with people wanting to support and donate for ongoing care!
The big raffle item was a new iPad Mini that somehow I managed to win. Still not sure how that happened but I had a good feeling when I bought a raffle ticket and apparently it paid off! Whoever donated that iPad Mini to the benefit I want to thank them immensely! It is the perfect size for me to take to school and fits in my purse when I’m not at school. It’s simply wonderful~
I also bought a painting from the town’s local art teacher of two love doves on tree branches and some Finnish flat bread. Also, I won a wine night basket in the silent auction with a bottle of my favorite moscato. All in all it was a great benefit and seeing so many people there to support my cousin and her baby simply was heartwarming after everything they’ve been through!

20140222_16114020140222_182739They also made a big point of the benefit to notice that April is Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Month and had tons of blue ribbons for everyone to wear  and this upcoming April 10th to raise awareness.  I have my ribbon and I know I’ll be wearing it on April 10th! How about you?

Sunday, March 2nd:
Yeah, I’m skipping around a lot on this post because like the title says…HIGHLIGHT edition. What pop culture fan doesn’t remember Oscar Night? I just want to make a random note about it because if I’m completely honest this was the best Oscars I’ve ever seen! Simply entertaining! Plus I was house/cat-sitting for my cousin in St. Paul so I got to watch by myself in my cousin’s awesome apartment!

Friday, March 14th – Sunday, March 23rd:
Hey let’s flash forward again. I was on Spring Break last week and spent most of it with friends, well a couple of friends and at work. But all in all I would say it was a very good Spring Break!
One of my best friend’s birthdays was on March 21st and Wow~ what a great day!

Mine & Megan’s wristbands~

We decided to spend the day at Mall of America and revert to our childhood and road rides all day at Nickelodeon Universe. We got unlimited ride wristbands and gave them a bit of a workout! Of course being the girls we are, we took a break for some shopping…and being the nerdy girls we are that shopping consisted of splurging at Barnes & Noble and the Lego store. We also had a delicious dinner at Crave! One of those dinners that was actually just too good to pause to instagram…I thought about it, but it was too good wait…that and my phone was dead.
I think the best part of the night was Megan’s surprise though. Two of her friends drove up from Chicago as a total surprise, they enlisted my help to keep it a surprise and to get her to the hotel they were staying. It totally worked! She was so surprised!! Just see the video~

I spent that Friday night at the hotel with them and I totally understand why Megan is such great friends with them. Those two are awesome!

I also want to make a quick side note to say that Sunday was awesome as I got to have dinner with a different wonderful person! I’m not going to say much about that yet…but I will soon I’m sure.

But alas, my Spring Break is now over and I have returned to the real world…well real academic world at least!
So let’s go do things!


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