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Just a little update~

It feels like my winter break just started but it’s already ending. Tomorrow starts a new semester at Augsburg College – my third semester as an Auggie and my second to last as an undergrad! It’s surreal to think how close I am to finishing my education, it’s like my dreams are finally in sight. It hasn’t been an easy road to get here but I’m thankful for every twist and turn along the way because (as cliché as it sounds) it has gotten me here. I will graduate in December, the end of the this year, but I’m pretty sure I can see my future it’s at the edge of my fingertips and very soon I will have a grasp on it! For that, I can’t wait!

But in order to get to that, I do have two semesters at Augsburg left.
This semester I am continuing with Accounting 2, and taking French back up as well a course in International Management and one in Arts & Concert Promotion. All things (except maybe accounting) I am very interested in, and I’m aiming for a third consecutive semester of making the Dean’s List. So we’ll see how I do in a few months.

My schedule this semester is completely different too. I’ve opened myself up to a lot of  hours and shifts at work as I only have class a couple of days a week now. I have 3 classes on Tuesday/Thursday and a night class on Monday. This is gonna be so different for me, I’m so used to being on campus every day. This also means that I will actually be driving to campus this semester; I decided not to pay for a bus/train pass for it to only be used a couple of times a week, it just didn’t seem worthwhile! Entirely new experiences for 2014. Small new experiences, but new experiences nonetheless~.

I guess I’m just really excited to start a new semester, despite how quickly it snuck up on me.
I always look forward to new semesters actually! A chance to meet new professors and instructors and a chance to grow relationships with old instructors. I have a class this Spring with my favorite instructor from last Fall so I’m super eager for that. I can’t wait to learn more from him!

Alright, it’s been a while since I’ve studied French and since that is my one class tomorrow I’m going to review a bit right before I go to sleep tonight.
Though I do want to say that I love having my blog here and from right here right now I’m going to try to be more active because as of late I really haven’t been~~
I’ll get back to it and I’ll be better than ever! Look forward to it.
(I still have to write about Taeyang’s concert in San Francisco after all!!)

See ya soon~


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