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Why I (sort of) Changed My Name

Okay, this is a question I’ve gotten a lot and while I didn’t technically change my name I have changed the nickname that I go by.
My birth name is Cynthia and for 22 years of my life I was Cyndi however over the last two years I have become Thia/Thia Rose.
I have been asked why I changed my name, why I act like someone different but I have never seen it that way…the truth is I think I found who I am meant to be.

Here, let me explain.

To me, Cyndi is who I was and Thia is who I am.
I am Cynthia so I will answer to any name however they are very different parts of my life.

Cyndi reminds me of who I was in high school and the time I spent in school at UWRF.
I never fully knew who I was or what I wanted…I just existed. Yes, I was happy and I loved my life then as much as I do now I simply just wasn’t ever sure if I was headed in the right direction. I wasn’t confident in myself to the point I am now.
Thia is me now, I’m supremely confident in my dreams and I know the future I have in mind, and I’m not going to let much stop me.
I went through a lot to find that confidence and it only seemed right to honor it in some way. The name itself actually came about the time I decided I wanted to start blogging and changed my major. I never thought Cyndi Anderson had a very good ring to it, especially if I wanted to be working in the music industry thus I used the other half of my given name and Thia was born. Adding my middle name to it – I became Thia Rose.

I’m not now nor ever going to say I’m a different person than I was then, I simply improved on the foundation I already had. Cyndi is the person who survived all the doubt and struggles and Thia came out at the end of it.

One honest way I see it, Thia is the girl with the strong exterior that the world sees. Cyndi is the self-conscious girl inside.

For instance on the left is Thia – I’m confident and very happy in my life. One the right is Cyndi – I’m more reserved but happy.

No matter what you know me as, I’m still me.

Whether you knew me growing up as Cyndi or you know me as Thia…inside I’m still the same person the one thing that has changed however is the drive and determination that Cyndi felt inside is the drive and determination that Thia now displays!

I hope that has explained this a little bit more because I do get this question quite a bit. signature


3 thoughts on “Why I (sort of) Changed My Name

  1. I 100% hear this–I just started going by Eliava most of the time and it’s been an adjustment for sure.

    Also, I didn’t realize this until just now, but we have the same header font! I didn’t realize it when I picked it, as I just wanted a font that looked like my handwriting. But now whenever I see your header I will smile a bit more. 🙂

    1. It is an adjustment. I noticed your name change too! I first saw it on instagram though. 🙂
      I’ve decided not to ask everyone who knows me to call me Thia..I know how hard that can be. Some aunts and uncles have. This semester though I have all new professors and I gave them Thia as my preffered name and I actually love hearing it! It makes me happy and excited for my future!

      We do have the same header font…what a coinky-dink!!

  2. I love that you have found yourself. As a parent, it has been hard watching some of the things you have gone through… yes they made your stronger, a little hard at times, but you have remained true to yourself and that is what is important. You explained this name change very well. I’ve always been proud of you, but to see you blossom and know what you are going after makes me happy. Keep reaching for it Thia.. your time is coming and I’m proud of the woman you have become.

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