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New Things in the Works~

Today I redid the theme for this blog and my my I love it!!!
I kept the same background image because I love that image so much, it’s dark and kind of mysterious to me. But I just love the style of this theme a bit more than the previous one, I have been toying with the idea of using this specefic theme for awhile and today I finally decided to go for it! Why not right?

This weekend I’m hoping to finally get buttons added to the sidebar to link to facebook, twitter, instagram~ all the funs you know. I know I said I would do it before…blame school and work or blame procrastination, who knows… Either way I’m actually holding myself to getting it done & to getting done this weekend!
As well at some point today I’m going to update the sidebar image; that picture is a few months old now and there will be a new one before the day is out showing my new haircut.

Another little update forthcoming~
For my music business courses at Augsburg we write blogs about various topics rather than writing papers constantly. Last semester we used a different blogging format, but this semester my instructor would like us to use wordpress ~YIPPEE!~ So rather than starting another blog, I’ve decided to add another link in my header – “Thia Learns Things” will appear shortly next to the Entertain Me link and that will contain all my posts for that course! I’m truly excited to write some blogs for that class as I’m sure we will have some excellent topics.

Finally there are going to be more posts again!
What Thia? You are updating your blog more…amazing!
I know, I know- I’m terrible. But I am working on some posts all about my weekend in LA, the ONE OK ROCK concert and a Weekend Round Up for last weekend because wow what a weekend that was!

See~ All sorts of things in the works and I’m so excited about it all! :]
What are you excited for?


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